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15 July 2011

bwin.party digital entertainment plc

("bwin.party" or the "Company")

Directorate Change

The Board of bwin.party announces the appointment of Geoff Baldwin as a non-executive director of the Company with immediate effect. Mr Baldwin replaces Rami Lerner who is stepping down from the Board today as a non-executive director.

Geoff Baldwin's appointment is made following a nomination under the terms of a relationship agreement entered into by amongst others, bwin.party, Emerald Bay Limited and Stinson Ridge Limited that was approved by shareholders on 28 January 2011.

Geoff Baldwin, aged 46, is an investment banking professional with more than 24 years of experience, including serving as a M&A generalist in New York for five years and a technology M&A specialist for the last 19 years, primarily in Silicon Valley, California. He is a founder of GCA Savvian, a global investment bank that is publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with dual headquarters in Tokyo and San Francisco. In the United States, GCA Savvian specialises in technology investment banking and is recognised as having a leading franchise in digital media, including social and mobile gaming, internet advertising and ecommerce. Mr Baldwin currently serves on the board of directors of GCA Savvian's listed parent company (GCA Savvian Group Corp.) and its European subsidiary, is a member of the firm's global executive committee and is head of the firm's M&A advisory practice in the United States. Prior to founding GCA Savvian, Mr Baldwin was a Managing Director in Morgan Stanley's mergers and acquisitions group.

Commenting on today's announcement, Simon Duffy, Chairman of bwin.party said:

"We are delighted to welcome Geoff to the Board. Given the pace of change in our marketplace and his wealth of experience of working with high technology and social media companies, Geoff will be well-placed to contribute to the next phase of our corporate development. I would like to thank Rami for his contribution to the Board over the last two years and wish him well for the future."

There are no other disclosures to be made under Listing Rule 9.6.13.

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Garrett faces pokie restrictions fire - 26th July 2011


Games Gaming Clubs Pokies Gambling Politics Clubs Australia Australia

Club owners and punters gathered in the Sydney electorate of Education Minister Peter Garrett last night to voice their anger over proposed restrictions on poker machines.

More than 200 people turned up to the South Sydney Juniors Rugby League Club at Kingsford last night to protest against mandatory pre-set betting limits for pokies.

Mr Garrett was given a cool reception as he spoke to the crowd in his electorate of Kingsford Smith, but he was not deterred from defending the changes.

"There's nothing un-Australian about thinking about the problems that people face who are problem gamblers, and trying to do something to address that problem," Mr Garrett said.

"I don't think anyone can take away from the legitimacy of the goal, which is to make sure that something which does fall upon your and my fellow Australians and cause them great grief, and their families great grief and suffering, is dealt with."

Peter Newell from Clubs Australia hit back, saying there are already many restrictions on poker machines.

"Clubs Australia does not want one dollar from problem gamblers, and we are completely open to continuing reform that actually helps problem gamblers. But this current proposal is totally misguided in this regard," Mr Newell said.

"Voluntary pre-commitment has already been put in place by quite a number of clubs without having a noose put around their neck."

National Rugby League chief executive David Gallop told the crowd problem gambling is a terrible issue, but the Government is not offering a solution.

"We do however challenge a policy that will not stop problem gamblers, but will simply make it too complicated for the average person to have an occasional punt," Mr Gallop said.

"If Clubs Australia is even half right, this policy will have a devastating affect on many communities, many grassroots rugby league clubs."

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Five questioned over Crown Casino incident - 25th July 2011

Media Man Crown Casino James Packer Tabcorp Holdings Asia Pacific Games


Media Man Crown Casino James Packer Tabcorp Holdings Asia Pacific Games Gambling911 Internet City Of Dreams Macau Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment Australia

Australia remains one of the world's hottest gaming, gambling and igaming meccas. Media Man with a red hot report from down under...

Three people have been questioned over a man's death after an altercation with security staff at Melbourne's Crown Casino, while two others have been charged over the assault of one of his friends.

Homicide squad detectives on Monday interviewed five men, all believed to be security staff from the casino, over the July 3 incident.

Two Werribee men, aged 26 and 23, and a 39-year-old Northcote man were interviewed about the death of Anthony Dunning but police said they were released pending further inquiries.

Police said the investigation into the 40-year-old's death was continuing.

Two others were interviewed about what police described as a separate assault on a patron, believed to be one of Mr Dunning's friends.

A 29-year-old Essendon man and a 25-year-old Highett man were charged with recklessly causing serious injury and were bailed to appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on October 28.

Mr Dunning died four days after a dispute with bouncers at the casino on July 3.

The Ferntree Gully man had been asked to leave by casino staff and met two friends on his way out.

A woman called Olivia slapped one of the security staff and was put down on the ground and when her partner Matthew came to help her he was also put down on the floor, suffering a broken nose, a fractured arm and some cuts and bruising.

Police have said five to six bouncers pinned Mr Dunning down for six minutes and that video footage shows he did not provoke security staff.

Punters, er readers, stay glued to Media Man reports for more "can't miss" information on Australian pokies, gaming and casino wars.

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. They cover a dozen industry sectors including gaming. Media Man also publishes Media Man News

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited

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2011 WSOP November Nine is Set


Poker Online Poker World Series of Poker World Poker Tour Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas American Gaming American Casino Global Gaming

2011 WSOP November Nine is Set...

Everyone knew where this road was headed, we just didn’t know who would get there. Just 22 players entered play at the 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event on Tuesday with a chance to make the final table and come hell or high water, the field was going to be narrowed to nine before the tournament was adjourned until the fall. No more playing for a set number of levels. We were going to get rid of 13 players if it took all night. Fortunately, it didn’t take all night (so long as you were following the action in Las Vegas) and we now know the identities of this year’s November Nine.

Considering the increases in payouts at this stage of the game and the importance of advancing from Tuesday to November, one would have expected play to slow to a crawl as players became very careful not to bust out. Not so yesterday. Even with a the usual breaks, a two hour dinner break, and an extra one hour break, the field was whittled to the final ten before 10:00pm Pacific time thanks to lots of three-betting, four-betting, and risky all-ins (Konstantinos Mamaliadis moved all-in with 8-2. Granted, he was short, but still. Yes, he lost that hand).

The ESPN announcing team of Lon McEachern, Antonio Esfandiari, and Norman Chad predicted that eliminating that last player to determine the November Nine would take a long time, and it did. With the media attention, sponsorship deals, and a more than $200,000 prize jump waiting for them between now and November, nobody wanted to be the final table bubble boy. In some ways, even though he was to win $607,882, it is worse to be the November Nine bubble boy than the standard “in the money” bubble boy. And while play did slow down significantly as most hands didn’t get past the pre-flop stage, it still went about two hours faster than last year’s six hour marathon.

In the end, it was John Hewitt of Costa Rica who made the other nine players very, very happy. Ireland’s Eoghan O’Dea (son of Donnacha O’Dea, who has made two Main Event final tables) opened the pre-flop betting to 1.1 million chips, with blinds at 250,000/500,000 and a 50,000 chip ante. Hewitt, who had been riding high for much of the day before taking a bad beat when his A-K lost to Pius Heinz’s K-J, pushed for his last 3.875 million. It was a race: Hewitt’s 3-3 versus O’Dea’s K-J. Despite not hitting one of his cards, it was a good flop for O’Dea, as the Q-T-7 gave him an open-ended straight draw. The Ace on the turn clinched the hand for the Irishman, sending the poker room into a frenzy. Hewitt was gracious in defeat and his fellow tablemates were simultaneously congratulatory and empathetic to him. While the remaining players were no doubt thrilled they had made the November Nine, they knew what a disappointment it was for the likable Hewitt to fall short.

While everyone moving on to November has done a fantastic job, perhaps the most impressive player of the day was Matt Giannetti. He was one of the bigger stacks during the early part of Day 8 before running into a painful hand against Ben Lamb. With blinds at 150,000/300,000/40,000, Lamb raised pre-flop to 675,000 and Giannetti called. After the flop of Ah-9h-2d, Giannetti check-called a 700,000 chip bet. Both players checked the 7d on the turn and Giannetti once again checked the 2h on the river, a card which introduced the possibility of a flush. With the pot at just over 3 million chips, Lamb made a huge bet of 4 million. Obviously holding a good hand, but unsure of just how good it was compared to Lamb’s, Giannetti went into the deepest of tanks. One minute went by, then two. Then three. Esfandiari kept viewers interested by analyzing what he thought each player had. Five minutes. Eight. After ten minutes, Giannetti finally made the call with A-9, giving him top two pair. To his dismay, though, Lamb flipped over 2-3 for three-of-a-kind, giving him the large pot and sending Giannetti’s stack down to under 10 million.

Giannetti was noticeably shaken after that and even stepped away from the table a short time later to collect himself. Struggling to stay alive as he made it to the final ten, he held firm and didn’t make any rash moves. He was able to raise a couple times pre-flop without moving all-in to collect the blinds and antes, which at that point meant he was increasing his stack by around 10 percent. He finally decided to put all of chips at risk, twice doing it with pocket Jacks, and both times doubling-up. Matt Giannetti had emerged from the emotionally draining hand earlier in the evening and had climbed back from the November Nine bubble to make it to the final table with the third largest chip stack.

Here is how the chip counts stack up (pun intended):

1. Martin Staszko – 40,175,000
2. Eoghan O’Dea – 33,925,000
3. Matt Giannetti – 24,750,000
4. Phil Collins – 23,875,000
5. Ben Lamb – 20,875,000
6. Badih Bounahra – 19,700,000
7. Pius Heinz – 16,425,000
8. Anton Makievskyi – 13,825,000
9. Samuel Holden – 12,375,000

It is a final table with a very international flavor: just three Americans and one player each from the Czech Republic, Ireland, Belize, Germany, Ukraine, and England. At this point, everyone is guaranteed at least $782,115 with the winner taking home $8,711,956.

The players are now on a three and a half month break as they prepare for the rest of their Main Event journey. Play will resume on November 5th, will pause when there are just two players left, and will pick up again on November 7th to determine the next No-Limit Hold’em World Champion.

WSOP Day 6: 57 Players Remain, Ryan Lenaghan in Control...

We’re at the point in the 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event where everyone left in the field can smell the finish line. The coveted championship bracelet is now a realistic possibility, even for those at the bottom of the leader board. With just 57 of the original 6,865 players still holding on to chips, the tension will be ratcheted up a notch as Day 7 begins on Monday.

Leading the way is professional poker player Ryan Lenaghan, with a stack of 12,865,000 chips, almost 3,000,000 more than his nearest competitor. The Mobile, Alabama native now living in New Orleans made his biggest move late in the day. He opened the betting pre-flop with a raise to 110,000 and was then re-raised to 355,000 by Bryan Follain. Undeterred, Lenaghan took it up to 865,000 only to see Follain five-bet all the way up to 1,200,000. Lenaghan quickly moved all-in, covering his opponent, who, after some thought decided to put all his chips at risk. Interestingly, the hands weren’t all that strong considering the action: Lenaghan had J-J, while Follain held A-Q. None of the five community cards helped Follain and with the 4,200,000 chip pot, Lenaghan soared into the lead.

Despite his chip advantage, Lenaghan will start at a tough table today. Joining him is John Esposito, who has now cashed in seven Main Events, David Bach, who was the chip leader going into Day 6, top online (and now live) poker pro David “Doc” Sands, and one of the other top stacks, Hilton Laborda, who has 7,160,000 chips.

Currently sitting in second place is this summer’s star, Ben Lamb, who has been at or near the top of the field for most of the Main Event. With his deep run in this tournament, Lamb will take over the lead in the 2011 WSOP Player of the Year (POY) standings from Phil Hellmuth. Not counting the Main Event, he has four cashes at this year’s WSOP, including a bracelet, a runner-up finish and a third final table. His worst finish of the four cashes is 12th. Hellmuth will still have a chance to re-take the lead at the WSOP Europe later this year.

Other notables remaining the in the competition include Bryan Devonshire (10th), J.P. Kelly (21st), Lars Bonding (26th), Sam Barnhart (27th), Tony Hachem (36th), Erick Lindgren (38th), Steve Brecher (45th), and Sebastian Ruthenberg (57th).

Everyone remaining is guaranteed at least $130,997. Here is what the remaining payout structure looks like:

1. $8,711,956
2. $5,430,928
3. $4,019,635
4. $3,011,665
5. $2,268,909
6. $1,720,396
7. $1,313,851
8. $1,009,910
9. $782,115
10 – 12. $607,882
13 – 15. $478,174
16 – 18. $378,796
19 – 27. $302,005
28 – 36. $242,636
37 – 45. $196,174
46 – 54. $160,036
55 – 63. $130,997

And the current top ten chip counts:

1. Ryan Lenaghan – 12,865,000
2. Ben Lamb – 9,980,000
3. Matt Giannetti – 7,940,000
4. Andrey Pateychuk – 7,255,000
5. Phil Collins – 7,240,000
6. Hilton Laborda – 7,160,000
7. Nelson Robinson – 6,420,000
8. Tri Huynh – 6,295,000
9. Aleksandr Mozhnyakov – 6,070,000
10. Bryan Devonshire – 5,970,000

Play will resume at noon Pacific time on Monday. The original schedule indicated that Day 7 would end when just 27 players are remaining, but a tournament update released by WSOP officials has stated that, like in previous days, there will be four blind levels played, at which point the tournament will be paused until Tuesday. (Credit: Poker News Daily)

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Australian Gambling News, by Greg Tingle - 25th July 2011

Media Man Crown Casino James Packer Tabcorp Holdings Asia Pacific Games


Media Man Crown Casino James Packer Tabcorp Holdings Asia Pacific Games Gambling911 Internet City Of Dreams Macau Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment Australia

Australia remains one of the world's hottest gaming, gambling and igaming meccas. Media Man with a red hot report from down under...

Tag Team Police Officers Sue Crown Casino For Compo Re 'Brutality'...

Two vet and highly experienced off-duty cops, one decorated for bravery, are suing the *ss of Crown Casino alleging excessive brutality at the hands of security.

Premier Ted Baillieu today said his Government had asked Victoria Police for advice on whether tougher regulation of the security industry was needed.

"Victoria Police have raised some issues with the Government," Mr Baillieu said.

"We’ve invited them to come back to us with any suggestions in terms of additional action or regulation that needs to take place, and we’ll wait for them to come back to the Government on that."

Casino security footage - which is almost never released publicly showed a pack of security guards following the policemen through the gaming floor before pinning the two men's arms, placing them in headlocks and wrestling them to the mat...er floor.

The CCTV footage shows one off duty cop being held by both arms, taken to the bowels of the casino and placed in an interview room and held for an hour.

Lawyer Michel Margalit, of Thomas Arnold & Becker, advised the men were suing but declined to give a figure.

Legal sources said if successful the two policemen could claim about $400,000 each under the Wrongs Act for pain and suffering.

The incident comes just weeks after Crown came under fire over treatment of Anthony Dunning, who passed away after being pushed to the ground and restrained by up to 6 aggressive guards at the famous casino.

Serving officers Sergeant Glenn Saw and veteran Acting Sergeant Leigh Discher were involved in the brawl with Crown security on January 23 last year.

"I feared for my safety. I didn't know where I was. I had been separated from my brother-in-law and taken down to an unknown area," Sgt Saw said.

Crown spokesman Gary O'Neill did not directly respond to questions about the case or the CCTV footage.

"If the people you referred to want to raise concerns or make a complaint about their treatment or any other matter, then I encourage them to contact Crown and we are happy to talk to them. Otherwise, I have no comment to make," he said.

Legal eagles for the officers released CCTV footage to press to highlight the "pack mentality" of the guards, the co-ordination of the confrontation and the forcefulness of their actions.

The two men both feared they would be physically injured.

Guards learned during the night that the pair were police officers.

The footage also revealed for the first time Crown's elaborate surveillance camera network.

The network can select and track individuals throughout the entire casino and entertainment complex, even zooming in on people or number plates, as shown in the multimedia footage!

Sgt Saw, who was awarded a bravery medal after being shot in the leg and foot by a criminal threatening a homeowner with a gun in 2006, said he had been genuinely fearful during the Crown incident.

"The shooting lasts 8 seconds - this went on for hours," he said.

Sgt Saw and his brother-in-law, Acting Sgt Discher, were in a group of roughly 5 family and friends at the Melbourne casino in the early hours of January 23, 2010 when Sgt Saw left the group to gamble.

He said he was sitting at a gaming table when security asked him to leave. The two men said they were not intoxicated though they had consumed a few drinks.

Neither of them was ultimately charged with any offences.

Footage shows a growing number of guards tailing Sgt Saw as he makes his way through the casino complex at 1.15am.

Two minutes later several guards were involved in a scuffle with him and Sgt Saw was spreadeagled on the floor, as shocked patrons looked on.

He was then frogmarched out of the casino into the street.

Sgt Saw said he asked if he could return to meet his group so they could all go home and was told to wait 45 minutes. After he returned he met Acting Sgt Discher.

However, one of the guards involved in the earlier incident said "I thought I told you to leave", so the pair started heading towards the door.

About 2am 12 guards can be seen in camera shot surrounding the pair.

There is no visible scuffle, but words appear to be exchanged before 2 casino guards make a pointing gesture and the rest of the bouncers form a tight circle around the two men. Some say it is pack mentality from casino guards.

A minute later a guard grabs Acting Sgt Discher in a lock from behind and with a second guard wrestles him to the ground.

Two seconds later other guards wrestle Sgt Saw down and both officers are pinned to the ground.

While Acting Sgt Discher was marched out of the building, his friend was escorted through the bowels of the casino along long corridors into a dungeon-like area with about a dozen guards, then at 2.05am into a cubicle marked "interview room".

Footage shows when he went to leave the unlocked room at least 13 bouncers darted towards him!

"In this situation it can all turn bad in a blink of an eye. It only takes one person to decide to act, then they act as a pack," he said.

Sgt Saw was in the room until 3.05am frantically trying to call family and friends on his mobile, until other police arrived and walked him outside.

Meanwhile, Acting Sgt Discher, who had been taken outside by Crown security, had met up with a bouncer employed by a firm independent of Crown to patrol the area outside and explained his concerns. That guard escorted him back into the complex to find his group and his missing brother-in-law.

"I was absolutely stunned, I couldn't believe any of it," he said.

"I was scared.

"When they first took me to the loading bay (exit) I thought I was going to cop a bashing out of view of the cameras and I was concerned for Glenn's safety and whereabouts."

Their lawyer, Ms Margalit, explained that since the death of Mr Dunning, her firm had launched investigations into 10 cases of alleged assaults by Crown bouncers.

"The bouncers think they are the police of Crown but little did they realise that our clients were in fact police," she said.

Ms Margalit said the incident involving her clients was "an absolute disgrace".

"The footage reveals the guards' modus operandi - and the people operating the cameras are totally aware of what has happened."

Ms Margalit said legal action would be launched within weeks but declined to put a compensation figure on their claim for psychological injuries.

But legal sources confirmed if successful the men could each claim a maximum of about $400,000 for pain and suffering.

Ed: comon Crown - you and the powers that be can do better than this. Punters want to feel its safe to visit the casino.

Crown Casino Bouncers Taught Hurt 101!...

A tactics guide given to Crown casino security staff teaches violent body blows and pressure-point techniques.

The security manual, obtained by hard working journalists through ex Crown staff, has surfaced as Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu foreshadows more stringent security industry regulation.

It follows the release of footage demonstrating Crown Casino security employing heavy handed tactics on two off-duty police officers.

The Navitas College of Public Safety manual guides security staff through throwing, striking, locking and constriction and restraint and pain compliance procedures.
The manual, which has "Crown Ltd - DT manual" on each page, warns against punching to the face and cites the death of cricketing icon David Hookes, who died after being punched by a bouncer in Melbourne in 2004.

It also demonstrates a series of striking techniques, such as "palm strike", "knife hand", "hammer fist" and "extended knuckle" strikes.

Pressure-point areas and a range of forearm and elbow strikes, kicks and knees are also illustrated and explained. It's said it would be good reading for MMA - UFC fighters and trainers.

Crown spokesman Gary O'Neill said security staff training was "first class".
"Crown is really confident its security staff receive the best training it possibly can," he said.

The casino is under intense scrutiny after the treatment of Anthony Dunning, who died after being pushed to the ground and restrained by up to 6 guards.

Crown's City Of Dreams Macau Saves The Day; Bumps Figures For Packer...

City of Dreams Macau and a few more of its casino assets in Macau have made its financial figures look pretty decent. Crown shares would look a touch ordinary than their current near three-year highs if not for Macau. Rid the value of its 33.4% stake in Melco Crown Entertainment and you discover that Crown's domestic business lost value in the past 4 and underperformed the ASX 100 Index. That is not necessarily a bad thing, just a sobering reminder for supporters of Packer's gaming empire that Melbourne's Crown casino and Perth's Burswood are staunch contributors, but in an aged market. Broker JPMorgan, after factoring in the soaring worth of Melco Crown, advised last week the Macau gains warranted a lift in its price target for Crown stock from $9.80 to $10.25. That compares with Friday's $9.15 close. While the independence of Morgan's analysis is unlikely to be impaired by the fact that it has provided investment banking services to both casino groups, it is a market maker in the Macau associates stock. Morgan also produced a strained argument for how a $3.3 billion Crown bid for the spun-out Tabcorp casino arm, Echo Entertainment, might work in shareholders' favour. The speculation has been running since it emerged last month Crown had 4.9% stakes, in derivative form, in Echo and Tabcorp. Crown has said it did that deal before the split and had "no current intention" of increasing its investment in either company. Hopefully, Crown bought into Tabcorp at a low price, because the combined value of it and Echo is below their June 6 separation — and most of that fall has come in Echo (although Tabcorp was assisted by renewal of its wagering licence in Victoria last week). Echo Entertainment's shares have dived down from $4.35 on debut to a close of $4.07. That may make Echo an easier target, but whether it is sensible for Crown remains to be seen. The Morgan theory is that because Crown already has a stretched balance sheet there are only two real ways of funding a bid for Echo. One is through a share-swap offer, which would dilute the Packer holding to about 33% of the enlarged company. The second is by selling its $2.6 billion stake in Melco Crown, which would clear close to the entire cash amount required to buy Echo. Morgan thinks that for Crown investors that might mean a reward in share price terms because it believes the worth of the company's Melco Crown holding could be discounted by as much as 50 per cent because it is an arm's-length investment in City of Dreams and Altira casinos. Theoretically, if the "passive" stake is cashed in and Crown gobbles up Echo, then its shares may fully reflect the worth of having direct involvement in all its casinos. There may be some sentimental desire of Packer to buy the company that owns a Sydney casino...given that his legendary father, Kerry (KP), missed out on winning the original licence, almost got control of it in the late 1990s and then pulled out when it all got too hard. Strategically, though, it makes little sense to swap the foothold in Macau for more in Australia unless Crown has a particularly grim view of abroad and wants to cash up pronto like. Australians' propensity ala passion to gamble may be high, but this economy is not built around casinos alone. Macau is home to multimillionaires a plenty and casino visits are frequent and dolphins and whales spend up big. As such, the total Macau casino market is generating about $2.25 billion in revenue each month, of which Melco Crown is netting in about $300 million. In the June quarter of 2010, Melco Crown revenues were about $710 million. The same quarter of 2011 they were $1.01 billion, which means growth of 40%. Since March 31 Crown's shares have gained 15%. Melco Crown's stock, though, has gone from $US8 on Nasdaq at the end of March to a close of $US15.73 on Friday — a 97%. Packer is delighted with his Macau investments.

Crown Casino Still Under Microscope...

The Victorian government has asked police to advise if greater regulation of Crown Casino is needed after a series of violent incidents involving security guards there.

It was reported on Sunday that two off-duty police officers are suing the casino, alleging brutality at the hands of guards, who they allege put them in headlocks and wrestled them to the ground.

It comes just weeks after 40-year-old Andrew Dunning died of a heart attack after guards held him to the ground for eight minutes.

Homicide squad detectives are investigating his death and have said surveillance video shows Mr Dunning did not provoke security staff.

The lawyer for the two off-duty officers told News Ltd that since Mr Dunning's death, her firm had launched investigations into 10 cases of alleged assault by Crown bouncers.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu said he would not comment on the latest assault claims as Victoria Police was drawing up a report on ways to improve security at the casino.

"Victoria Police has raised some issues with the government and we've invited them to come back to us with any suggestions in terms of additional action or regulation that needs to take place and we'll wait for them to come back to the government on that," Mr Baillieu told reporters.

"It's one of the biggest tourist drawcards in Australia, quite frankly, and we need to recognise it as such, and obviously a lot of people attend (and) from time to time, people attend there and get themselves into some sort of difficulty.

"We don't want to see that happen and we'll do whatever we can to avoid that and await Victoria Police's response."

Premier Ted Baillieu would not comment on the latest claims but has invited Victoria Police to "come back to us with any suggestions in terms of additional action or regulation".

Comment was being sought from Crown Casino.

News Corp Takeover Takes Packer's Consolidated Media Holdings Into Mess...

Embattled News Corp. suffered another setback on Friday when Australian competition regulators said its bid to expand its pay-TV operation in the country raised "significant" monopoly issues. The news will come as a blow to the company...and its chief Rupert Murdoch -- as it struggles to overcome a phone hacking scandal in Britain that saw it abandon its plan to buy the London-based satellite broadcaster BSkyB outright. Subscription TV service Foxtel -- 25 percent owned by News Corp -- has mounted a Aus$2.5 billion ($US2.7 billion) takeover bid for regional cable operator Austar, its major rival, in a move that would expand its reach into rural Australia. But the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) ruled that the merger was "likely to result in a substantial lessening of competition" in the pay-TV, audio-visual content and telecoms markets. "Foxtel and Austar are the only significant providers of subscription television services in Australia," the ACCC said in its preliminary issues paper. "The proposed merger would therefore effectively create a near monopoly subscription television provider across Australia." The rollout of Canberra's ambitious National Broadband Network, a Aus$43 billion project to connect 93 percent of Australians to superfast Internet by 2017, would mean greater opportunities for telcos to compete, it added. "The proposed acquisition would prevent any such competition from occurring," it said. The ACCC plans to hand down its final decision in September, but the issues ruling is a significant blow for Foxtel, the remaining 75 percent of which is owned by telecoms giant Telstra (50 percent) and Consolidated Media Holdings (25 percent). Consolidated Media Holdings is a joint venture of Kerry Stokes' Seven television network and Consolidated Press Holdings, run by media and casino magnate James Packer.

A Media Man spokesperson said this News Corp takeover stuff is having a negative flow on effect for various b2b partners of News. James Packer's Consolidated Media Holdings is just one of a number of parties that have been dragged into the mess in a roundabout way. We are hopeful that the probe of News Corp will have a effect of cleaning up the news media industry and getting rid of black marks on the industry".

Casino And Gaming Share Prices...

Symbol Company $AUD

CWN Crown Limited 8.98
EGP Echo Entertainment Group 4.02
RCT Reef Casino Trust 1.70
TAH Tabcorp Holdings Limited 3.30

BPTY Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment 1.41 GBP
PLS Paddy Power plc 34.73 EUR

Punters, er readers, stay glued to Media Man reports for more "can't miss" information on Australian pokies, gaming and casino wars.

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. They cover a dozen industry sectors including gaming. Media Man also publishes Media Man News

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited

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Monopoly gaming news; New Monopoly online game coming soon


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Monopoly is one of the world's most popular board games, casino games and online casino games.

Media Man has heard that a number of online casinos may be soon be getting a new Monopoly game.

Keep checking PartyCasino Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment Virgin Games and IGT for details.

The following was leaked to Media Man overnight...

The Monopoly games we offer on Virgin Games are some of the best performing games we have for acquisition. So you can imagine that the launch of the new IGT slot game next week Monopoly - You're In The Money is getting us so excited it feels like we've won second prize in a beauty contest!!

Monopoly - You're In The Money is brand new to the market and is scheduled to go live on Virgin Casino and Virgin Bingo on Thursday 28th July. This should give you plenty of time to prepare for what we expect to be a bit of a whopper!

The game itself it particularly appealing to players because it has a very high bonus hit frequency and you can win up to 12000x your triggering line bet in the Board Bonus all in a slot game with a brand as powerful as Monopoly!

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Crown Casino News: Police to advise Vic govt on Crown Casino; Australian Gambling News - 24th July 2011


Media Man Crown Casino James Packer Tabcorp Holdings Asia Pacific Games Gambling911 Internet City Of Dreams Macau Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment Australia

Asia Pacific gambling is on fire. Much of today's coverage involved Aussie gambling king James Packer from Crown Limited fame being none to impressed with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and Packer is using the media as a war against the "anti business" and "business unfriendly" PM. In addition Crown is rumoured to be interested in Echo Entertainment owned Star City casino in Sydney, understood to be at risk of having a number of brothel's and other vice related enterprises close by to its city location. Up to Asia, Crown may sell it's stake in Crown Macau to help raise funds for the takeover of Star City... Media Man and James Packer dish it out in spades with today's ace update from down under...

Crown Casino Under Microscope...

The Victorian government has asked police to advise if greater regulation of Crown Casino is needed after a series of violent incidents involving security guards there.

It was reported on Sunday that two off-duty police officers are suing the casino, alleging brutality at the hands of guards, who they allege put them in headlocks and wrestled them to the ground.

It comes just weeks after 40-year-old Andrew Dunning died of a heart attack after guards held him to the ground for eight minutes.

Homicide squad detectives are investigating his death and have said surveillance video shows Mr Dunning did not provoke security staff.

The lawyer for the two off-duty officers told News Ltd that since Mr Dunning's death, her firm had launched investigations into 10 cases of alleged assault by Crown bouncers.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu said he would not comment on the latest assault claims as Victoria Police was drawing up a report on ways to improve security at the casino.

"Victoria Police has raised some issues with the government and we've invited them to come back to us with any suggestions in terms of additional action or regulation that needs to take place and we'll wait for them to come back to the government on that," Mr Baillieu told reporters.

"It's one of the biggest tourist drawcards in Australia, quite frankly, and we need to recognise it as such, and obviously a lot of people attend (and) from time to time, people attend there and get themselves into some sort of difficulty.

"We don't want to see that happen and we'll do whatever we can to avoid that and await Victoria Police's response."

Comment was being sought from Crown Casino.

Crown Casino Not Impressed With Taxi's...

Councils, the casino and a CBD police officer have delivered a poor assessment of Melbourne’s taxis to an industry inquiry.

In Crown’s submission to the Allan Fels chaired Victorian Taxi Industry Inquiry, the casino slammed drivers’ language skills, hygiene, Melbourne street knowledge and short fare refusal.

Crown’s submission, from deputy chief executive Greg Hawkins, said Melbourne’s taxi services fell short of interstate and international standards.

It highlighted safety concerns with cab ranks at night, with patrons experiencing antisocial behaviour.

This was also raised by Sen-Constable Dean Anderson, who has worked for ten years in the CBD.

He said less cabs were needed during the day, and more at night to pick up passengers when trains stop.

“The city is full of alcohol fuelled party goers trying to get home quickly, more taxis on the road… would alleviate some of the assaults that occur in the city on these busy nights,” he said.

Crown Limited May Sell Out Macau Casino Investment To Raise Cash For Echo Entertainment Star City Bid...

JP's Crown could fund a $3.6 billion move on casino rival Echo Entertainment next year by exiting its growing Macau venture, analysts say. Crown this week confirmed a 4.9% interest in Echo and Tabcorp Holdings by way of derivatives, which it acquired before Tabcorp's demerger of the casino group this month. Crown talked down its interested in Echo and Star City et al. Despite Crown saying it has no "current" intention of increasing its interest in either, Merrill Lynch analyst Nathan Gee said it could make a move next year on Echo after the relaunch of its Star City casino in Sydney. Echo is also upgrading its three land based casinos in Queensland in a $1.6bn expansion investment. Gee advised Crown acquired a stake in its Burswood casino in Perth in 2003 before its full takeover in 2004. "The Star relaunch in late 2011 will be a critical time for Echo management, so we think it makes sense for bidders to allow management to concentrate," he said. "We can't discount a Crown takeover of Echo, but we think a deal is unlikely until 2012. A combination of Crown and Echo could create about $600m of net present value synergy benefits." Crown is expected to be weighed down by its holding in Echo and yesterday ended down 1.15%at $8.57. Echo dropped 1.7% to $4.10. Takeover speculation has been rife around Echo Entertainment and Tabcorp since its demerger in a similar vein to beer firm Foster's, which this week attracted a $9.5bn offer from brewing giant SAB Miller after it demerged its wine unit. While some analysts have seriously questioned Crown moving on Echo, particularly given its mixed merger and acquisition record, Gee said Crown could pay up to $5.25 per share, or $3.6bn, for Echo and make the deal "valuation neutral". He said Crown could fund a bid without a large equity raising by selling its $2bn or so stake in its Macau venture, Melco Crown Entertainment (MPEL), plus up to $700m of debt. "We can't rule out Crown looking to divest MPEL, particularly if the Australian market continues to discount the value of Macau relative to the Melco Crown share price," Gee went on record with to the press. Crown currently holds a 33.4% stake in Melco Crown, which has signed a $US360m deal to secure the group's third casino resort in Macau. Citi yesterday initiated coverage of Echo at a buy and a $4.70 target price but said private equity was a more likely near-term buyer than Crown. "The numbers are challenging for Crown . . . private equity may have interest, as the casino cashflows facilitate high leverage, and the ultimate exit strategy is clear, through a sell-down of Star to Crown and Queensland casinos to Sky City," analyst Jenny Owen said. On Macquarie's numbers, predators would struggle to offer more than $5 a share for Echo. On Crown's Tabcorp holding, Gee said it could hold in the hope of Tatts making its mooted move on Tabcorp. A Media Man analyst said "The Star City casino opportunity could go either way. It's too early to tell but James Packer keeps downplaying interest in the opportunity for a buy out. Is he bluffing? Only time will tell, but expect to get a clearer picture in the next 6 to 12 months".

Aussie Gambling And Media King James Packer Not Impressed With PM Gillard...

Pokie machine reforms that considerably threaten earnings for casino owner James Packer have prompted Packer to label Prime Minister Julia Gillard as "anti-business", according to leading newspaper, the Australian Financial Review. Packer has expanded his casino holdings by taking a 4.9% stake in Tabcorp Holdings Ltd, which gives him a small stake in Echo Entertainment, which owns Star City casino in Sydney. Packer has engaged ex ALP national secretary Karl Bitar to raise the pressure of lobbying efforts against the government on gambling reforms, which have been led by Tasmanian Independent MP Andrew Wilkie. In recent weeks, many of Gillard's cabinet ministers have been reportedly meeting one-on-one with Packer to discuss the impact of the proposed reforms, according to the AFR. Packer appears to climb in popularity while Gillard's popularity is well... not. She's extremely unpopular in the polls and in the pubs, clubs and casinos!

Australian Economy Not Good; Packer Says Gillard Is Anti Business...

Casino and media magnate James Packer has publicly attacked prime minister Julia Gillard, claiming the corporate world believes her to be anti-business. In an interview with The Australian Financial Review, Packer was quoted" "I think the problem for the prime minister at the moment is that while she keeps saying she’s pro-business, there is a real perception in the corporate world that she’s not. This perception is a real problem which she needs to address soon.".

Star City Casino In Sin City Sydney Getting Surrounded By Brothels?...

The mean and sometimes seedy streets around 'Sin City Sydney's' Star City casino could be overrun by brothels, pawnbrokers and money-lending businesses if Sydney council's draft city plan is not urgently fixed, the government's casino regulator has warned. The Casino Liquor and Gaming Control Authority has written to the City of Sydney, asking it to amend its new draft city plan to continue a longstanding ban on money-lending businesses near the casino and to impose a new ban on brothels within 150 metres of the site. The letter puts the casino regulator in conflict with the Department of Planning, which refused the bans when council proposed them as part of the city plan. The risk of "illegal or undesirable activity" concentrating around Star City was identified as a problem in a series of reports before it opened in 1995. It resulted in a statutory ban on pawnshops and money-lending operations, and government working with council to actively discourage brothels opening nearby. In its submission on the draft city plan, the regulator told council "it is noted that pawnbrokers and money lending businesses will no longer be prohibited from operating in the Pyrmont area, nor have any reasons for the proposed lifting of this long-standing prohibition been articulated. In the circumstances, this proposed arrangement cannot be supported. "The letter from the acting chief executive, David Greenhouse, also said that the regulator and council had worked together many times to prevent brothels operating in the area. The best solution would be for council's draft plan to create a ban on brothels within 150 metres of the casino, Greenhouse wrote. However, the regulator appeared to be unaware the city had proposed the bans to the Department of Planning and been refused permission. A department spokesman said it did not support the proposed bans because they would have constituted a sub-zone, which is not permitted under the government's new standard template for local environment plans. However, the spokesman said the department "is not formally opposed to the general position on this issue put forward by the CLGCA and is keen to work with Council and the CLGCA on an alternative solution." Any ban would impact at least one legal brothel already operating near the casino in Pyrmont Street. It comes as a development application for a new 14-room brothel across the road from the casino in Union Square was withdrawn by the applicant following a community outcry in May. Elizabeth Elenius from the Pyrmont Action group said residents were alarmed about the consequences of standard zoning in the draft city plan, saying it would open the area to undesirable uses. "We don't know on what grounds council can knock back undesirable things like a brothel in Union Square, where we have our Anzac Day ceremonies and carol services, unless they did have [a ban on brothels close to the casino] in place," she said. Council planners are considering more than 1000 submissions on the draft LEP 2011, the document controlling development in central Sydney in the next decade.

Telstra-NBN Broadband Update; What Happens To Gaming?...

The federal government is today expected to unveil an $11 billion deal that will provide the National Broadband Network access to Telstra’s fixed-line network. The deal will involve the NBN renting Telstra’s underground network and taking over its fixed-line customers. The federal opposition has criticised the move, saying it will prove expensive and wipe out any competition to the NBN. What may happen to gaming on the Australian internet remains to be seen, but if PM Gillard is anti business as James Packer says, that's not a great sign of things to come.

Lucky Tasmanian Devils; Thanks James Packer...

Solid efforts to save the Tasmanian Devil have received a boost, with the first joeys arriving in an insurance population of the species at a Hunter Valley property. A year ago 50 devils were released in a free-range enclosure at a property owned by media mogul James Packer, as part of a plan to produce a thousand disease-free little devils by 2021. The Devil Ark program is run by the Australian Reptile Park and spokeswoman Liz Vella says the ambitious plan is paying off. "We have got several mums with babies," she said. "We can't really confirm numbers because the babies are so small. "We try not to interfere with them too much, until they are at a safe size. "So we won't really know numbers until spring time." The Reptile Park says the enormity of the fight to save the Tasmanian Devil population cannot be under-estimated, despite success with the local breeding program. Ms Vella says the situation in Tasmania is dire, with devils across more than 60 per cent of the state affected by a deadly facial tumour. "It's really been a rapid decrease in numbers," she said. "It's horrific the way that they go as well, so the best chance they've got is this insurance population to make sure the species doesn't die out. "So the more work and time that we can put into this program the better." Ms Vella says she could not have hoped for a better start to the program. "The devils arrived in January and they started breeding in February," she said. "We weren't sure if they had enough time to settle in prior to breeding and how they would go in these yards, it's all so new, so to have success in this first year is really amazing. "It just shows how the program is going to go."

Packer's Crown Cools On Echo Entertainment...

Casino operator Crown says it has no current plan to increase its 4.9% stake in Echo Entertainment, a casino owner seen as a ripe takeover target. Echo, the owner of Sydney's Star City casino and three casinos in Queensland, is seen as a potential fit for billionaire James Packer's Crown, but analysts said international casinos group or private equity firms may also have their eye the firm. Crown confirmed today it has a 4.9 per cent in both Echo and gaming firm Tabcorp, acquired before Tabcorp offloaded Echo and the casino assets earlier this month. "Crown has no current intention of increasing its interest in either company," the firm said in a statement today. The statement followed a report in the Australian Financial Review which said Packer had confirmed taking the stake in Tabcorp before the demerger, which automatically gave Crown an equivalent stake in Echo. Analysts are divided on whether a takeover is more likely to happen before or after Echo completes a $960 million renovation at Star City, designed to help it attract Asian high-rollers away from Crown's Melbourne casino. Tabcorp spun Echo off to shareholders after being hit by smoking bans, equine influenza, competition from new casinos in Singapore and Macau. The remaining Tabcorp is seen as ripe for a merger with rival Tatts , but not before the state of Victoria decides later in June whether to award Tabcorp a new wagering license from 2012. Crown shares are currently sitting on $8.570. Echo Entertainment is on $4.10.

Man Charged Over Legendary Lloyd Williams' Robbery...

A man has been charged over a burglary at a property owned by the high-profile business identity, Lloyd Williams. Police say thieves broke into Macedon Lodge, north of Melbourne, earlier this month and stole two vehicles and veterinary equipment, including an X-ray machine worth $40,000. A 21-year-old man from Coburg was arrested yesterday and charged. He will face the Broadmeadows Magistrates' Court next week. Detectives say they believe more people were involved and investigations are continuing. Williams is a prominent horse owner and former boss of Melbourne's Crown Casino, the Australian showcase casino of James Packer.

Constuction Worker Not Getting Ahead At Crown Casino; Banged In Head...

A Melbourne man is in a very serious condition in hospital after an a lift plummeted three storeys and struck him in the head. The 38-year-old was working on a construction site at Crown Casino at Southbank when the lift dropped on him at 8:30am (AEST). Paramedic Christine Edney states the punter suffered serious cuts to his neck and his jaw was fractured. "The man lost blood from injuries to his neck, face and parts of his head," she said. "Our priority was to control the bleeding." She says he was incredibly lucky that he did not sever any major arteries in his neck. "If he had been a few centimetres either way, he may not be with us today," she said.

Casino And Gaming Share Prices...

Symbol Company $AUD

CWN Crown Limited 9.15
EGP Echo Entertainment Group 4.07
RCT Reef Casino Trust 1.70
TAH Tabcorp Holdings Limited 3.28

PLS Paddy Power plc 34.73 EUR

Punters, er readers, stay glued to Media Man reports for more "can't miss" information on Australian pokies, gaming and casino wars.

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. They cover a dozen industry sectors including gaming. Media Man also publishes Media Man News

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited

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Casinos Of The World; Land Based And Online Casinos

Sin City Cleopatra Rambo The Godfather Sinatra The Terminator Thor Saturday Night Fever Unicorn Legend Palladium Slot

Punters, here's 10 of the world's top land based casinos for you to mark down in your travel plans.

Monte Carlo, Monaco: Perched above the Mediterranean and bounded by the French
and Italian coastlines on either side, Monaco provides a spectacular and luxurious setting for the wealthy and the wannabees. Home to the Monaco Grand Prix and the legendary Casino de Monte Carlo, this isn't the place for those on a tight
budget. The magnificent Casino hosts the annual European Poker Tour and was also the scene of several James Bond Films, including the original "Casino Royale" and "Golden Eye".

Paradise Island, Bahamas: Located just off the shore of the city of Nassau, Paradise
Island is best known for its sprawling 'Vegas-by-the-sea' resort, Atlantis. The resort spans seven acres along a lagoon, where guests can soak up the Caribbean sun and choose from a variety of outdoor gaming areas. When in need of a break from
the tables, guests can enjoy the private beach or one of the resorts 20 sunlit pools.

Melbourne, Australia: As Australia's sporting and entertainment capital, Melbourne
offers the perfect option for high rollers looking for a local break. Aussies need look no further than Crown Casino on the southern bank of the Yarra River, which is one of the largest casino complexes in the southern hemisphere. The main gambling
floor stretches more than half a kilometre and the casino was the first to introduce the new game Rapid Roulette, which allows players to place bets on a personal electronic touch screen connected to a central roulette wheel.

Macau, China: Known as the 'Monte Carlo of the Orient,' and the gambling capital of Asia, Macau now rivals Monaco and Las Vegas as one of the premier gambling destinations in the world. With no less than 33 casinos, in addition to local horse and greyhound racing venues, Macau is perfect for the betting junkie. The Wynn Macau
casino is a standout, highlighted by 24-carat gold 'Tree of Prosperity' at the entrance, extravagant water displays and Moon Jellyfish Aquarium at reception.

Baden-Baden, Germany: Situated on the western foothills of the Black Forest and on
the banks of the Oos River, Baden-Baden is not your typical casino town. However, in addition to its hot springs and picturesque countryside, the town is also known for its 200-year-old 'Spielbank' casino - the oldest of its type in Germany. With French chateau-style salons rooms named after historical figures such as Madame Pompadour and Louis XV's mistress, the quirky casino provides visitors with a very unique
gaming experience.

Las Vegas, United States: With over 1700 licensed casinos in operation, Las Vegas
offers the ultimate package for travellers who fancy a flutter. A visit to the famous 'Strip' is a must for any player, whether they're looking for a spin on the roulette table or a game of blackjack - this city has it all. The iconic Caesar's Palace
hotel and casino offers 129,000 square feet of casino space plus an endless smorgasbord of entertainment, shopping and fine dining options, including Cleopatra's barge, a floating lounge perfect for a relaxing drink after a jam-packed night on the
casino floor.

Manila, The Philippines: With a favourable exchange rate, Manila provides great value
for Aussies wanting to live the high-life overseas. The city offers a range of shopping and entertainment options, along with a world-class casino at the Hyatt Hotel. Spread across three levels, the sparkling casino offers the newest in gaming
facilities for both hotel guests and visitors, and is just a short distance from Manila's tourist hub.

Sun City, South Africa: Known as 'Africa's Kingdom of Pleasure,' this luxury resort
and casino complex, just two hours from Johannesburg, boasts two large casinos, two 18-hole golf courses and a wildlife reserve. At the extravagant yet picturesque Palace of the Lost City, guests are treated to stunning valley views from the guestrooms, along with exclusive access to the Grand Pool. The nearby Sun City Casino is the entertainment Mecca of the resort, featuring a myriad of gaming options as well as an indoor jungle of native foliage and water fountains.

Atlantic City, United States: Regarded as the US's 'Las Vegas of the East', Atlantic City in New Jersey is renowned for its gambling, shopping and fine dining. Towering above the banks of the Atlantic Ocean, the Trump Taj Mahal casino is an icon of the city, with an on-site shopping district and an abundance of restaurants and bars. The
157,000 square-foot casino is also hard to miss, with 3,500 slot machines and 200 table games. Unveiled in 1990 by a number of celebrities, including the late Michael Jackson, the casino is the second-largest in Atlantic City and well worth a visit.

Genting Highlands, Malaysia: Nestled on the Titiwangsa mountain range, just an hour's
drive from Kuala Lumpur and 6,000 feet above sea level, the Resorts World Genting offers 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside. This spectacular resort has first-class accommodation, dining and entertainment, while avoiding the hustle and bustle of a capital city. The on-site casino, which covers 200,000 square feet, is Malaysia's sole gaming venue and is divided into separate themed areas, such as Hollywood and Monte Carlo, for the ultimate gambling experience.

Online Casinos:

PartyCasino.com : The world's leading online casino brand and part of Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment. Play for free or play for money at PartyCasino.com New players get up to $3000 sign up bonus via Media Man.

VirginCasino.com : Virgin Casino is part of Virgin Games. The parent company is Virgin Enterprises Limited, the creation of the world's most famous and celebrated entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson. Unfortunately the casino does not accept players from many countries due to what is known in legal circles as "grey areas". Most European players can play, but no Americans, Canadians, Australians or New Zealanders.

Captain Cooks Casino : Was once a very popular online casino with Australians and New Zealanders, however we understand these days they can only accept players from a few regions such as Europe, South Africa, Canada and South America.

PKR : Once only a 2D online poker room, they are now more 3D and offer online poker and a good range of online casino games, including classics, Marvel slots and table games.

Media Man's top online casino choice: PartyCasino.com PartyCasino is a multi-time Media Man 'Online Casino Of The Month' winner and have also won awards from EGR. Earlier this year PartyGaming merged with Bwin to create the worlds leading igaming company, Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment.


Playtech Signs Gala Coral Contract, Acquires Mobile-Bet Company...

Playtech Ltd, the Internet gambling software maker and content developer which has a joint venture with William Hill Plc (WMH), said it signed a long-term contract with Gala Coral Group Ltd., and acquired Mobenga AB, a mobile-phone sports-betting company.

Playtech will pay as much as 15.8 million euros ($22.4 million) for Mobenga, the Isle of Man-based company said in a statement. Playtech also said second-quarter revenue rose 7 percent to 39.6 million euros over the same period a year earlier, led by online casino games.

Gala Coral, which has 2,000 betting shops in the U.K. and Italy, should become one of Playtech’s top three clients within a year after its software is transferred, in 2012, Playtech’s Chief Executive Officer Mor Weizer said in a telephone interview. Mobenga will help Playtech expand in mobile telephone gambling, which generates 30 percent of bets for some companies, he said.

“This is a very important win for us,” Weizer said. “We already have most of the established operators in the U.K., and Gala Coral we were after for a long time.”
Playtech gained 18.25 pence, or 5.4 percent, to 356.75 pence at 8:47 a.m. in London, after earlier rising as much as 6.3 percent. The shares have fallen 16 percent so far this year, giving the company a market value of 866.3 million pounds.

Stockholm-based Mobenga will give Playtech the ability to combine sports-betting, casino and poker games in one mobile- phone application, Weizer said.

Playtech generates more than 10 million pounds ($16.1 million) from its biggest client, Imperial E-Club Ltd., Weizer said.


Most of the company’s clients attract players through sports, though they make most of their money through games, so they’re always seeking to convert sports betters to game players, he said.

Second-quarter casino revenue gained 9 percent to 27.3 million euros, and bingo sales increased 32 percent to 3.6 million euros, the company said.

Poker sales dropped 32 percent to 5 million euros, the company said. The poker business declined even though the U.S. charged founders of online poker companies still accepting games in the country with money laundering in April.

Weizer said the companies still had cash to lure poker players. Poker numbers have been “picking up” since the end of June, when one of the companies stopped play, he said. Full Tilt Poker, then the world’s second-biggest poker site, lost its license from Alderney on June 29.

PartyCasino Gets New Games...

Aztec Gold, Atomic Fruit, Nag's To Riches and Fairies Forest. Check out the new games here.

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Australian Gambling News Update, by Greg Tingle - 18th July 2011


Media Man Crown Casino James Packer Tabcorp Holdings Asia Pacific Games NRL Internet City Of Dreams Macau Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment Australia

Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment's PartyCasino Maintains Stranglehold On Media Man Award...

PartyCasino, the world's leading online casino brand, and part of the Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment family, is once again leading the pack for the prestigious Media Man 'Online Casino Of The Month Award'. Sinatra, Rambo, Cleopatra and Circus continue to be some of the brands most popular games. Latest new releases from the casino include Aztec Gold, Atomic Fruit, Nags To Riches and Fairies Forest. The casino offers punters the opportunity to play for free or play for money, and a great range of slots, table games, skill games and of course, poker games, can be found across the company portfolio offer. Live dealer and PartyPoints remain very popular with online gaming fans. The company has been established for over a decade and has achieved numerous awards including the EGR 'Socially Responsible Operator Of The Year' award. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Crown Casino Security Under Spotlight; Casino Squad Proposal Buzz...

Should Melbourne's Crown Casino get their good old fashioned "casino squad" back on site? Many insiders think Yes, and that's the vibe in mainstream media and internet media forums, blogs and website portals.

Like it or not, Crown Casino, and other Australian land based casinos, have a habit of attracting criminals and undesirables. No wonder online casinos are becoming more popular with Joe Public is it.

Up until June 2006, an on site "casino squad" with detectives and the works was based at the famous James Packer owned casino.

The word on the street is that a number of crims launder cash and engage in drug deals in and around the casino, with even loan shark deals happening now and again.

Criminals who are banned from the casino as undesirables are still going to try their luck despite being on the receiving end of lifetime exclusion orders issued by the Chief Commissioner of Police. Believe it or now, sweeping powers that were given to police command to ban gamblers with serious crime links from the famous casino have not been used for five long years.

It's also understood that in a six years period no one has been charged under a consorting law which, when it was introduced in 2005, was championed as a powerful tool weapon against organised crime and mafia types.

The Police Association have gone public in attacking the decision to pull back resources as ignoring crime and wasting intelligence-gathering opportunities.

Over the years, the land based casino has proved a quite a catchment area for intelligence-gathering by police investigating the activities of organised crime figures.

It's common knowledge that criminal types, often in groups or gangs, are attracted o the casino, where funny money cash can be "washed" clean on the gaming tables, in the slots et al.

The Baillieu Government says its keen to restore law and order to Melbourne, so what's the hold up on the "casino squad"? Sounds like a comic strip or something by Marvel Studios, but this is real life and a real problem folks.

Crown Casino May Get Security Beefed Up With On Site Police Station...

Melbourne coppers would be able to ban undesirables from Crown casino without legal challenge under new powers being considered by the Victorian Government.

Gaming Minister Michael O'Brien advised the Government did not know of a problem with casino exclusion orders until the Murdoch's Herald Sun reported it earlier this week.

"We're very happy to receive advice from the police about concerns they've apparently got about the way the Act is functioning," he said.

"If the police feel they can't use the current powers because they compromise investigations, there would appear to be a need for change and we are open to that."

The Herald Sun revealed that the chief commissioner's power to exclude undesirables from the casino had not been used since June 2006, when the force's casino crime unit was disbanded.

In the two years before that date, 35 gamblers with criminal connections were served with lifetime exclusion orders.

Acting Chief Commissioner Ken Lay advised police chose not to issue further exclusion orders for fear of being forced to disclose confidential sources.

Lay said those concerns prompted a decision not to contest a challenge to an exclusion order by one of the 35 gamblers banned from Crown prior to 2006.

Lay said the force received legal advice it may have had to reveal confidential information if the challenge had gone to the Supreme Court.

"We weren't prepared to take that risk," he said.

Lay said the problem had not been resolved despite the former government proposing amended legislation in 2009.

Several people still excluded under pre-2006 orders are known to frequent the famous casino, which comes compete with a max penalty of $2440 for each breach.

The 35 underworld figures banned from the casino and most racetracks in Victoria included the late Carl Williams and Tony Mokbel.

One Armed Bandit Pokies Warn Players Of Potential Dangers...

Passionate gamblers will be prompted by poker machines to donate some winnings to charity under a new eight-week trial overseen by the State Government.

And in a bid to keep more wins in the pockets of punters, new poker machines trialled in five surf lifesaving clubs will warn gamblers how much time and money they have spent.

Attorney-General Paul Lucas will today reveal the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation has approved the trial of the machines at Southport, Coolangatta, Kurrawa, Northcliffe and Tallebudgera surf clubs.

Lucas said gaming company Aristocrat Leisure had developed machines that would include state-defined messages and animations that encourage punters to gamble responsibly, a system that allows players to bank wins, an alarm clock that warns players when they have reached their pre-determined time on the machine and an ability to direct winnings to a registered charity.

During the trial the charity will be the surf club.

"This trial is expected to contribute valuable insights and increase the evidence base available to all stakeholders around the effectiveness of various game features, including a pre-commitment option, in encouraging responsible gaming behaviour," Lucas said.

The trial is being undertaken by Aristocrat and the University of Sydney.

Lucas said Queensland had one of the lowest gambling prevalence rates in the nation.

"But one problem gambler is one too many."

It comes as the Gillard Government is preparing to draft new mandatory pre-commitment laws that would mean gamblers would have to determine how much money they were willing to lose - and be locked out once that amount is reached - or play slower machines that suck down less moolah.

And here's the scoop...South Australian Nick Xenophon and anti-pokies campaigner Tim Costello are suing the South Australian and Victorian governments for not enforcing poker machine regulations. One ponders if that's related to the powerful 'Un Australian' ads been ran by Clubs Australia and friends.

Britain's controversial IVF Lottery Eyes Australia...

The brazen organiser of the world's first IVF lottery that gives ticket-holders a chance to "win" a baby wants to bring the controversial raffle to Australia this year.

No chook raffle, but lucky punters can essentially win a baby.

IVF experts have tackled the competition for preying on desperate infertile couples, and "demeaning human life".

Thousands of £20 (about $30) tickets will go up for grabs on July 30 in the UK, giving the winner £25,000 for fertility treatment.

The competition has the approval of Britain's Gaming Commission.

The prize includes accommodation at a luxury hotel, a chauffeur to take the winner to appointments and a personal assistant.

The winner will choose their own fertility clinic, as well as having fertility drugs and complementary therapies paid for.

If the standard treatment is not successful, the winner can choose another way of fulfilling the deal, such as reproductive surgery, donor eggs or a surrogate birth.

Lottery organiser Camille Strachan, who set up fertility support group To Hatch after her own failed IVF treatment, said the competition would help relieve financial pressures on would-be parents.

"Bringing this to Australia this year is at the forefront of my mind because I do get a lot of members from Australia, and infertility is just as big a problem in Australia as it is in the UK," Ms Strachan said.

"You're not picking up a baby from a shelf to give them. You're giving them an opportunity," she said.

"Some people don't have a choice apart from IVF and they should be given an opportunity just as much as anyone."

Fertility treatments in the UK have long waiting lists and are about double the cost of cycles in Australia, which are subsided by Medicare.

Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority chief executive Louise Johnson said although there was no legislation banning the lottery being run here, she found the concept "ethically murky".

What else can we say but good luck to all.

Man Glassed By Mystery Man in Cairns Casino...

Up in Northern Queensland a Cooktown man has been arrested after police said he glassed another man at the popular Cairns casino.

The two blokes were drinking in the smokers section of the Reef Hotel Casino on Wharf Street about 8pm Sunday when the Cooktown man allegedly lunged at a 21-year-old Bayview Heights man and threw a glass at him.

A police spokesman said the victim sustained serious injuries to his face and eye and was taken to Cairns Base Hospital.

The men were not known to each other.

"They were drinking in the same area but not communicating with each other," the spokesman said.

"There was some sort of altercation that has not been determined yet.

"For and unknown reason the suspect lunged at the victim and struck him in the face."

A Cooktown man has been charged with with one count of grievous bodily harm.

He is scheduled to appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court today.

Dancer With Roots To Casino Takes Giant Leap...


WAGGA dancer Monique Savill has been given the opportunity of a lifetime.
Monique, 18, has qualified to represent Australia at the International Dance Organisation Championships, after winning the jazz and modern contemporary sections of the Official Australian Championship and World Championship Selection Competition at Melbourne's Crown Casino earlier this year.

She has been working towards this moment since she first started competing in the Crown Casino competition in 2001.

Monique has been given the choice of representing Australia in the championships in Poland in December or waiting until next year's competition, allowing her to fit her representation in with her other dance commitments.

"I am over the moon. I have been aiming for it so long. I feel so privileged to be given the opportunity," she said.

"Dancing has been a passion of mine for a long time. I am honoured to take part and won't be taking the opportunity for granted."

During the five-day competition, Monique will be asked to compete against dancers from 90 other countries, with each dancer bringing their own style to the competition.

Monique said she would spend the next couple of months training and perfecting her technique to make sure she had the best chance of winning the championships.

Her training routine will involve working on her jazz and contemporary routines, as well as taking classes in other dance styles and continuing her ballroom dancing competitions.

Goldsack 'should have been fined'...

THE $400 payout Tyson Goldsack's mother received after her son kicked the first goal in last year's grand final replay should have led to a fine for the Collingwood player, according to North Melbourne chairman James Brayshaw.

The fallout from the Magpies' betting scandal has continued with the spotlight falling on a $5 bet Wendy Goldsack placed on her son to kick the first goal in the grand final.

The AFL yesterday cleared Goldsack of any wrongdoing, deciding that because he had not passed on any team information to his mother, there had been no breach of AFL rules.

This was in contrast to Magpies defender Heath Shaw who was suspended for eight matches and fined $20,000 after placing a $10 bet on his captain Nick Maxwell to be the first goalscorer in a round 9 match against Adelaide.

Maxwell was also fined $5000 (with another $5000 suspended) for telling family members he was to move from his usual position in defence to an attacking role. Family members then placed $85 worth of bets on him to kick the first goal.

Brayshaw said Goldsack was lucky to escape punishment.

"You've got the captain of the Collingwood Football Club who has been fined heavily for doing something that 17 games earlier a teammate did exactly the same thing and has been absolved of any responsibility," Brayshaw said on Channel Nine yesterday. "How does that work? He (Maxwell) will be sitting back saying . . . 'a bloke did exactly the same as what I've done and you could argue, more importantly, because it was a grand final and it was a collect, and he's got no case to answer while I'm out of pocket'."

Goldsack said after the match he had joked with his mother that he would kick the first goal but had no way of knowing it would pan out that way.

AFL Players' Association chief executive Matt Finnis yesterday admitted players had been caught unawares in the latest scandal and said the increased focus on certain "grey areas" in the rules would benefit his members.

"I think the education provided by the AFL is as good as any in Australian sport, but it does show more focus is needed on grey areas," Finnis said.

He described the Maxwell incident as the first of a "shift in culture of a well-established practice" in which players have traditionally discussed football game plans and team placements with friends and family.

Maxwell said yesterday it was a lesson learned for all players.

Finnis explained that it was the AFL, not the players union, that was responsible for education programs about rules and regulations such as the gambling code and its racial and religious vilification policy.

"We supported the changes to the rules and the standard player contract to uphold the integrity of the game," Finnis said. "But the players will now need to think twice about the information they receive from their clubs."

Maxwell said yesterday he should have been more responsible for knowing the rules.

"All my family have been shocked and embarrassed by it all," he said on Channel Seven's Game Day.

"We never thought any of this would happen and no one had any intentions of it happening."

Players caught on TAB footage...

CCTV footage of Heath Shaw and relatives of Nick Maxwell brought down the Magpie pair.

Sources last night said the AFL started to investigate following a report of suspicious betting on Nick Maxwell in the Herald Sun.

The AFL started the probe and immediately sought the assistance of wagering giant Tabcorp under the same integrity agreement the NRL used to identify key participants in last year's rugby league betting scandal in a Bulldogs-Cowboys match.

"We were just a tool available to the AFL as part of its investigation," a TAB source said.

"We were asked to provide a report on all bets placed on Nick Maxwell to kick the first goal in the round nine AFL match (Collingwood v Adelaide).

"So our first step was to get a printout of all bets placed on Maxwell and identify the time those bets were placed and how they were placed.

"In this case all the bets were placed using cash and through TAB agencies."

Tabcorp keeps CCTV footage from all of its agencies.

"Once we'd identified how, when and where the bets were placed and notified the AFL, we forwarded the relevant CCTV footage to the AFL.

"It wasn't our job to try and identify any of the individuals on the footage, we just provided it all to the AFL for them to investigate."

The source said that Tabcorp was later notified that Shaw, his flatmate and members of Maxwell's family had been identified.

"From the footage the AFL identified Heath Shaw with what was later discovered to have been his flatmate, who placed the bet.

"Review of other CCTV footage showed Maxwell's brother and his wife's mother also placing bets."

The source said last year's NRL scandal and yesterday's revelation about Shaw and Maxwell simply reinforced how significant a step the AFL had taken by signing an integrity agreement with Tabcorp and other betting agencies.

"Betting on AFL, or sport in general, has grown enormously over the past few years and the AFL acted very responsibly in forming formal partnerships with some wagering operators and appointing its own integrity manager."


Mick Malthouse tells defender Nick Maxwell he will start forward in the May 22 Round 9 match against Adelaide. Heath Shaw tells his flatmate and two other people



On May 21, Shaw had $10 in a $20 cash bet with a friend on Maxwell to kick the first goal, at odds of $101. Three bets totalling $25 were placed by people Shaw told. Maxwell family members also placed small wagers after he told them he would start forward.


The unusual bets cut Maxwell's odds to $25. The first goal is kicked by John McCarthy


The AFL started its investigation after the Herald Sun reported on May 25 that a leading betting agency had been approached by punters wanting to back Maxwell to kick the first goal. The AFL asked Tabcorp to provide details of all bets placed of the bet type in question.

CCTV footage of the bets being placed was given to the AFL. Heath Shaw and his flatmate, who placed the bet, were identified, as well as Maxwell's brother and mother-in-law, who had placed three bets totalling $85.



Banned for 14 matches, with six suspended. He won't be able to play before the finals

Fined $20,000


$5000, with a further $5000 suspended for recklessly disclosing inside information

Gold Coast Added to Jackson's Australian Tour...

Janet Jackson is coming to the Gold Coast and fans can expect to get up close and personal with the singing star.

Down Under Australia has been added to the American's worldwide tour, with the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in the mix of venues where she will perform during October and November.

The Janet Jackson Number One: Up Close and Personal Tour has been designed so Jackson will be at venues that allow her to perform in a "much more intimate setting".

The announcement is a huge coup for the city and comes just months after Jupiters Hotel & Casino brought Rihanna to the same venue.

Paul Douglass, sales manager for entertainment and special events at the Convention Centre, said A-List class acts liked to visit the city especially because of the "feel of the venue".

"Other venues can get 25,000 or 30,000 people but that intimate experience is lacking," he said.

"We don't want to compete with Brisbane because we're a completely different demographic and completely different venue."

Douglass suggested that this would be the first of a series of big name acts to book the Coast venue.

"Janet Jackson has chosen wisely to come here," he said.

"Securing an act like her creates a great buzz and lifts everyone's spirits."

Jackson will also calling for people to nominate 20 young leaders in each city who will win a tickets to the concert as well as backstage passes.

"There are many young people changing the world and I want them to be recognised during my tour," she told the press.

"This is a love affair between me and those of you who have supported me and my work for all these years."

Tickets for the November 2 concert will go on sale on August 3.

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