Aussie Footballer Brendan Fevola Called Real Life Underbelly Types For Gambling Help, by Greg Tingle - 18th April 2010

Self confessed gambling addict Brendan Fevola was so desperate for cash he approached gangland king of the kids Mick Gatto for financial assistance, says Australia's underworld grapevine.

Media Man and Gambling911 further explore the real life 'Underbelly' of Australia down under that is. No hype, just the facts Jack...

Informers allege Fev telephone to Mr Gatto last year asking for tens of thousands of dollars in short-term cash loans in attempt stave off loan sharkies. Gatto runs a construction and "consulting" business.

The octopus tentacles spread far and wide in our info net advise Gatto told Fev to concentrate on football rather than on the punt and declined to give the moolah. To date, Gatto's declined to comment on the allegation.

A Gold Coast underworld heavy made death threats Fev. Incidentally Australia's Surfers Paradise will be featured in an upcoming Underbelly series - slot 5 or 6 as Gambling911 understands.

Mr X claims the illegal moneylender threatened Fevola over an outstanding $70,000 grand.

"When they found out the loan shark had form, they paid up that day," Mr X said.

We understand that loan sharks from Victoria and the Gold Coast are on the hunt for Fev over a seven-figure debt, however proof of this is not in the public domain, unlike Fev's gambling addiction.

The self-confessed addict is understood to be paying a daily interest payment of $1,250 a day, or $8,750 a week!

"Even if Fev pays one debt, he owes money all over the place - it's a house of cards," a source said.

The rumour mill also says a Sydney based debt collector contacted the Carlton Football Club last September on behalf of an online betting agency to which Fevola owed a modest $5000. The call and flow on effects saw the situation resolved within hours after it looked like media leaks were about to factor in.

Melbourne based horse racing folks say Fev "desperately needs help".

Alex Fevola says reports that the family car had been repossessed were false with "I will be speaking to my solicitor."

Fev has pleaded with bookmakers not to accept his bets. He also advised reporters that he's relieved addiction was now public.

"He has a real feeling of relief now that it is out there in the public," manager Alastair Lynch said.

Media Man and Gambling911 remind punters to bet with your head, not over it, know the odds, and have fun. If your punting starts becoming a problem please seek professional assistance.

Australian readers, Underbelly screens tonight on Network Nine. Fev or Mick Gatto are not featured, but some gambling references are on the cards.

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