Australian Gambling News: Tattersalls Complete NSW Lottery Sale, by Greg Tingle - 4th April 2010

Australia's gambling, gaming and igaming sector shows little sign of slowing down, in fact it looks like full speed ahead with James Packer's Crown Casino continuing to lead the charge.

Packer has been rumored to be eyeing off a part or full purchase in Tabcorp (owner and operator of Star City Casino in Sydney, and Jupiter's Casino on the Gold Coast), to name but a few.

Could Australian "protectionism" be coming into play? Is "protectionism" a form of racism, as a country aims to protect its own, and blocking out foreign nations in the process? Is Australia continuing down the China path, and who or what will stop the madness? So many questions, yet so few answers, as the Rudd Government sticks to its agenda and "stays on message" (just like the U.S Government did with its crimes against humanity relating to "the war on terrorism"). Jesse Ventura, Australia may need you to expose the truth. It's all good fodder for Conspiracy Theory.

Media Man down under and Gambling911 report...

Tatts Group Ltd says it has completed the acquisition of NSW Lotteries from the NSW Government. The deal is now subject to review by the NSW Auditor General.

Tatts said in a statement on that the acquisition has been completed, "and NSW Lotteries is now part of the Tatts Group".

The sale carries with it a 40-year exclusive licence to conduct public lotteries in NSW.

Controversy has swirled around the deal as it was revealed that Tatts bought the Lotteries with an unconfirmed bid of $850 million.

The bid allowed for the rights to the Lotteries' unclaimed prizes pool to be retained by Tatts, whereas other bidders advise they were denied the right to include unclaimed prizes in their bid.

The NSW Opposition and the NSW Green party now say, supported by advice from unnamed senior partners of two Sydney law firms, that the sale is illegal under the legislation that allowed the deal, according to reports carried by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age last Thursday.

Announcing completion of the acquisition, Tatts Group said that Tatts Lotteries produced earnings before tax, interest, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of $119 million in 2009. Those are the sorts of numbers that even give igaming powerhouse, PartyGaming, a run for their money.

"The acquisition of NSW Lotteries is expected to produce an additional $120 million of EBITDA by 2014," Tatts Group said in its statement.

The late news...

We almost forgot, with casino fever at an all time high, Media Man has bit the bullet and launched http://www.mediamancasino.com It's not "white label", but a little birdie tells us its heading in that direction. Media Man management advise its hosted overseas "in protest to the proposed Australian internet filter and blacklist".

Gambling911 and Media Man International are recommending to readers that may be "down under" in the Asia Pacific region that if you enjoy games of skill and games of chance to sign up now to a few accounts, in case that may help keep online casino and online gaming accounts active, if or when the Australian internet filter aka "Great Australian Firewall" will spoil your fun. PartyGaming (inc World Poker Tour and its Playtech powered casinos), PokerStars, Captain Cooks, PKR and Betfair are some of the brands most popular in Australia.

Media Man tips that a device and "secret way" of circumventing the proposed internet filter is on the way, but its not "letting the cat out of the bag" quite yet, as the art of war continues between Aussie web publishers, media companies and the Australian government continues.

Media Man advises publicily that if the Australian government throws too much red tape at media, publising and internet companies, thus reducing productivity, revenue, income et al, that management may have to put promised job offers to Australian indigenous peoples via GenerationOne on hold.

Internet Snapshot Guide And The Idiots Guide to iGaming, Gaming and Politics

No one owns the internet!

The internet was invented in the United States and was designed to withstand a nuclear war.

Australians are some of the most passionate gamblers in the world, both at land based venues and online.

Cleopatra, Sinatra, Black Rhino, Hitman, Mission: Impossible and Tomb Raider are some of Australia's favorite slot games.

Crown Casino is home to one of the world's most popular and richest poker tournaments, Aussie Millions.

It is legal to participate in affiliate programs, casino affiliate programs and the like.

The Australian Federal government has some interest to regulate igaming and their Productivity Commission report is due to go public in approximately a month.

Senator Stephen Conroy have received at least one reported death threat over his censorship agenda, via way of internet forum, and reported in Fairfax Media.

Australia is now on the Enemies Of The Internet list complied by Reports Without Boarders

The United States administration has gone on record that it does not support Australia's proposed internet filter. The U.S, European Union and World Trade Organization are considering stepping in and urging the Australian government to seriously reconsider its stance on censorship. The censorship may cost the Australian and world economy billions, with media and entertainment giants such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Microsoft, News Corp, Marvel - Disney, DC Comics, Sony, Apple, Dell, Virgin Enterprises Limited, Paramount Pictures, Playboy, Penthouse, FHM, UFC, World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, ESPN, SBS (and Gambling911), being just some of those likely to be adversely affected. Loss of income is set to result in job losses and the price of goods and services skyrocketing in some sectors. Some industries and brands may be forced to go "underground" and many "black markets" are expected to rise and prosper, and demand goes up for certain "vices". Consumer protection measures are likely to be lost should the Australian internet filter go ahead.

In closing, we think Australia's James Packer sums it up beautifully with his famous "Internet is like electricity", something Australian politicians have seemed to cotton on with pretty well of late.

Are we on the cusp of 'The End Days' aka 'The End Times', which Nostradamus gives considerable mention to in the quatrains, as the New World Order continues to take hold, or it just business as usual? 2012 is not far off, and soon you will be able to place bets on it! Readers, you be the judge, and bet with your head, not over it.

PS: Readers, thanks for your letters. Gambling911, Media Man and Plucka Duck (of Hey Hey "Chook Lotto" fame) appreciate each and every one of you.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a bakers dozen of industry vertical covered.

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited

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