Google Government Requests Tool To Highlight Government Tools, by Greg Tingle - 21st April 2010

Internet, news media and data giant, Google Inc, has launched... get ready for it.... Google Government Requests Tool.

Personally, Media Man and Gambling911 reckon they might be sticking it to Governments of the world in a very public fashion.

The Google blurb accompanying the Google Tool (including map of the world) reads...

Like other technology and communications companies, we regularly receive requests from government agencies around the world to remove content from our services, or provide information about users of our services and products. The map shows the number of requests that we received between July 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009, with certain limitations.

We know these numbers are imperfect and may not provide a complete picture of these government requests. For example, a single request may ask for the removal of more than one URL or for the disclosure of information for multiple users. See the FAQ for more information.

We’re new at this, and we’re still learning the best way to collect and present this information. We’ll continue to improve this tool and fine-tune the types of data we display.

The tool is located at http://www.google.com/governmentrequests (not the other tools located in the tool shed at Australian Parliament House)

We remind our readers of some wise words from folks in the know when it comes to government spooks and the like...

"The Internet is getting super powerful now, and that is what the government has to control next" (Jesse Ventura)

"Infobombs, because there is a war on for your mind!" (Alex Jones)

"The More You Watch the Less You Know" (Danny Schechter)

Folks, enjoy your poker and online casino while you still can. Media Man and Gambling911 are advising folks to sign up for a few casino, poker and sports betting accounts as back up. In addition we will soon be releasing some specifics about ways to beat Internet censorship including special devices to plug into, proxy features and benefits, and more.

The Epic Battle Of The Tools Heats Up... my money's on the Google Tools. No one owns the internet, Google and the Australian Government included! The internet was designed to withstand a nuclear war, something that may not totally surprise Australian Prime Minster Kevin Rudd or Communications Minister aka "Minister Of Censorship" Stephen Conroy at this point in time.

Reporters Without Boarders, an organisation which concerns itself with matter such as freedom of the press, remains highly critical of governments who attempt to censors its citizens, journalists et al.

Media Man has recently been in liaison with The Elders, Virgin Unite and United Nations, regarding concerns of Australian freedom of the press, online and offline censorship and human rights concerns of Australia under a system which certainly has some similarities of a dictatorship. Media Man has been thanked in writing from a number of organisations for bringing their concerns to attention. Folks, get ready for World War 4! ... and don't forget to check out the political and superhero profiles at the official Media Man website http://www.mediamanint.com We know you want to. As Marvel icon, real life superhero Stan Lee would say, Excelsior!, and Google, "Don't Be Evil"!

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company

*The writer is a pro active member of Virgin Unite and the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

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