Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Offers Marilyn Monroe Boobs, by Greg Tingle - 19th April 2010

Planet Hollywood may have had its ups and downs over the years, but with revelations that the casino is going to offer patrons the opportunity to see Marilyn Monroe’s boobs in a most unique way, patrons and punters are bound to get a high, and it's even tipped to help the chains bottom line.

Media Man and Gambling911 probe Planet Hollywood and Ms Monroe... not that sort of probe!

Ok punters, its an X-ray of the babes figure (eyes on the boobs for certain) that will be hitting the auction block cum summer time. Those in the know reckon it will fetch about a grand ($1000 bucks).

The virgin shot was snapped 1954 at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Florida as the blonde bombshell underwent surgery for a condition of the womb.

One of the surgeons snapped it and passed it to the family for safe keeping. His daughter has elected to put it up for sale at the vintage Hollywood-themed Vegas casino.

A wide selection on MM memorabilia which will go up for auction at Planet Hollywood on 26th June includes her therapy couch, a pair of skis and her Chanel No5 perfume.

Monroe fans the world over are expected to flock in like bees to honey.

Las Vegas casino bean counters are expecting some rise in takings, as are restaurants, nightclubs and call girls. Websites sporting stories, photos, multimedia and MM items for sale are also expecting a traffic spike. Rumors persist of an upcoming Marilyn Monroe online slot games. NextGen Gaming, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, FremantleMedia and Virgin have all said to expressed interest.

The Planet Hollywood brand was launched in New York on October 22 1991, with the backing of Hollywood stars Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

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