Australian Pokies Switched Off At Non Compliance Pub, by Greg Tingle - 13th May 2010

The pokies aka "one armed bandits" have been switched off at a South Australian pub for not complying to government regulations.

Media Man and Gambling911 investigate and think that this may be just the latest in a massive crackdown covering the gaming and gambling industry as a whole - both land based and online. Way down under Adelaide we go in search for the truth...

The manager of the Adelaide hills based pub - hotel (kind of like a small casino in the suburbs) that has had its pokies shut down advises that they (herself and partner) have been in charge and operating the premises for once month, not quite virgins, but not old hands and "part of the furniture", thus not everything was quite 100% yet.

Industry strong arm, the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner has ordered all eight pokies at the accused Kersbrook Tavern be switched off because of failure to comply with government regulations.

The South Australian Government says the named hotel failed compliance checks conducted last August.

The small time poker queen manager, Julie King, advised she and husband have only just commenced operating the venue and issues relate to the previous management, who Media Man is currently in search of.

"It had nothing to do with myself or my husband who have stepped in as managers in the last month. I've been doing hospitality for a long time, so I know better than to do what's not right," she said proclaiming innocence.

Gambling Minister Tom Koutsantonis advised it was the first time in history any hotel in South Australia had had its pokies turned off! At least the club has bragging rights to that.

Mr K says a code of practice and a gaming machines licence were not on display and the hotel was not keeping up-to-date records of barred patrons. MM and G911 are also probing to see who is barred, and why. Aussie pubs have long been known for a bit of "funny business", but we suspect there's quite a bit more to this story.

"These matters of non-compliance may seem to be trivial but they're actually very important," he said.

"Responsible service of gambling is very important and not having that code of practice displayed is important.

"Barring is very important to make sure that problem gamblers aren't coming in."

The Commissioner says the ban relates to the licensees, who have not changed.

The pub is known for its top notch service, great beers aka "cold ones" snacks and atmosphere.

Readers er punters, if you learn of more on this case please write in or discuss it in the world famous Gambling911 forum (which is not banned!).

If you are banned from a hotel, pub or casino, please don't try to get in. You're making things hell for the owners, and news media is busy enough already without having to keep serving up public service announcements. Ok, one more time since we are such outstanding corporate citizens...

Know the odds, bet with your head, not over it, set limits, and for Christ's sake, keep it fun. If you don't trust yourself, bring a friend or stay home (and don't over do it with the internet based games). Good luck from Media Man, Gambling911 and spiritual mate, 'Plucka Duck'.

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