Casino And Gaming Entrepreneurs Encouraged To Invest In Domains, by Greg Tingle - 18th May 2010

The world is considered a pretty small place these days, largely thanks to the internet aka WWW, and of course airlines and Lear Jets, operated by our "partners in crime", Crown Casino king James Packer and Virgin king of the world, Sir Richard Branson.

Media Man and Gambling911, both considered world leading internet new media powerhouses of sorts, probe the beast that is the World Wide Web, casting out net far and wide...hauling in whales, dolphins, tuna, algae, and likely, a few sharks! Sharks... another reason to shore up your business enterprise with a few more domain names... read on...

In the internet (and news media, gaming and sports betting business) sector, there's only so much room at the top, and just like prime real estate in Sydney, Gold Coast, New York and Florida, there's only so many prime sports available... the same holds true for personalized number plates also, like HIGH ROLLER, BALLER, CASINO KING, VIRGIN KING, POKER WSOP and you get the idea.

Given the current state of the internet, gaming and publishing world, Media Man is delighted (and relieved) that we made the decision to buy up big on media, sporting, gaming and casino related domain names a few years ago.

Having a considerable portfolio of owned domain names (some with website portals attached, some not), serves a number of purposes.

a. Domain names help brand your business
b. Owning numerous domain names and websites help one dominate the important top 10 Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine and news results
c. Domains help keep competitors out so you can "own" a business sector
d. Added copyright protection to stop cyber squatters, cyber criminals and the like
e. Help control the information that appears for your business and personal profile
f. Helps drive extra online traffic
g. Serves a solid investment in the event that you may like to sell off some names and / or websites when you can get the price you want
h. Peace of mind
i. And more

Friend, the amount of decent, prime and gold domain names is drying up... not sure? Just do a search for some domain name addresses you would like to own, and there's a good chance someone else already owns them! One may argue that the great real estate rush on internet domain names has come and gone, and now most of the best names are already owned.

The lack of good .com domain names has boosted the popularity of .net .org. .com.au and even .asia and .tv by default.

Even good blog, YouTube and Twitter names are getting harder to find.

Let's look at some of the technical reasons good domain names are becoming harder to secure...

Internet protocol addresses are running out rapidly.. too many humans, not enough unique addresses

An IP address uses 4 numbers from 0 to 255 to distinguish one computer from another.

Limited Combinations

There are more than 4 billion combinations... however, the amount of networked devices means that soon won't be enough.

Readers, perhaps you can recall a decade or 2 ago when you have to change your phone number... maybe a digit or two got added... this happened to free up more available names and combos etc... well, it won't work exactly that with the the WWW, but there will be some similarities (and considerable more chaos).

Internet and comms geeks at the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, Geoff Huston sheds some light on the matter...

"Unlike the telephone system, it's not easy to just add more digits,".

Although every telephone number in Australia was successfully altered, the phones themselves didn't change. Humans simply dialled an extra number and folks everywhere still answered.

But every web server, every iPhone, every router and everything else - possibly billions of devices - will need to be reconfigured or upgraded. "The idea that every last one has to go back into the doctor for a new transplant does sound a bit frightening," Huston says. "It's almost like having to teach every device a new language."

New language: IPv6

Fortunately, a new language exists.

Computers now use IP version 4 and have since the 1980s. Its replacement is version 6, known as IPv6. For humans, little will change. The traditional way we visit a website, by typing google.com or facebook.com, won't be any different and personal computers will automatically use IPv4 or IPv6 as required.

Technically, it's not all that difficult to enable IPv6. Logistically, it's a horrendous challenge.

Background To Original Internet

Experts say punters won't be prepared to pay more (but whales and big corporates, cashed up casino entrepreneurs and the like might be).

It's even possible that large numbers of people will no longer be able to see everything on the internet.

So far, the dwindling storehouse of IP addresses has been managed with trickery that translates one IP address to another.

But by about late September next year, the key body that distributes IP addresses will run out of them. Three months after that, every drop in the pipeline will dry up and the only way to get an IPv4 address will be to buy one from someone else.

Lacking that, consumers whose computers are not configured to use IPv6 won't see new websites. Likewise, iPhones, which don't understand IPv6, will be limited to the "old" internet. For businesses that are not prepared, this could spell Big Trouble In Little China.

Unless web servers and mobile phone services are configured to send information via IPv4 as well as IPv6, companies could be left with a fraction of their current customers.

Some good news is that once IPv6 is in place, it should satisfy demand as far as a computer can calculate. "If every single address was one grain of sand", web geek genius Huston says, "in IPv6 you could build 300 million planets the size of Earth."

So punters, media and gaming entrepreneurs and everyone else.

Media Man and Gambling911 have given you the heads up... might be an idea to invest in some more domain names before every single one is gone under the current system.

Be wary to some casino affiliate programs running domain name auctions and the like. The hype associated with these, especially if conducted at a live event, is only going to increase the chances of the domain names prices being inflated ..jacked up! Casino Jack.

Ok, a few more real examples... some half wits tried to imitate and ride off the good name of Gambling911 and also Media Man (including Australia and International).

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