Asia Pacific Casino, Gambling, Gaming, Sports Betting News Update, by Greg Tingle - 20th June 2010

Gambling, gaming and sports betting news continues to show no signs of slowing down in the Asia Pacific region, including the land "down under" in Australia. Media Man and and Gambling911 continue to circumnavigate the globe in search on what's news, be it casino whale news, innovation, politics or good old fashioned gossip. Australia, New Zealand, Macau, Philippines...no where is safe from the blood hounds on their Asia Pacific voyage of discovery...

Crown Casino VS Star City Casino Wars Continues...

Adam Santarossa aka "Man In The Ball" continues to live in the giant ball located outside Crown Casino. Half way thru his ordeal he shows no sign of quitting. Not to be outdone, Sydney's Star City Casino saw soccer mad sisters Joanne and Alanah Argyrou watch 72 hours of soccer World Cup style non stop. They currently awaiting confirmation by Guinness World Records. Likely the most famous gambling related GWR is PokerStars having the most people playing in an online poker room at any one time.

Crown Casino Will Pursue Gambling Addict Harry Kakavas $50 Million...

As reported earlier in the week, Crown Limited legal eagles are going after the hide and shirt off the back of Harry. Crown, please also remember, you can't get blood out of a stone. We know he owes $50 mil, but getting it out of him will be a challenges, if not impossible, scuttlebutt says. Insiders reckon Harry might already be $50 mil in debt himself... ah, the house always wins... well, almost always.

Aussie Casino King James Packer And Wife Erica Holiday In Greece...

Australian gambling and entertainment royalty, the Packer's, has gone to Greece to spend the summer, escaping the often cold winds of Bondi Beach. They went by air to Mykonos to board the family icebreaker, the Arctic P, located off the coast of the stellar island Santorini. Spy's advised they were spotted strolling the streets of the island capital, Fira (not Fireass from 'Underbelly'). The Packer's have a friendship and positive history with the world famous Paspaley pearling family based in the region. The rumour mill says Tom Cruise could show up soon as his new movie Knight and Day is to premier downtown in about a month.

Gambling Linked To 1 In 5 Suicidal Patients Says Australia Hospital...

Triggered by a nurse's curiosity over what tipped patients into crisis. The 17% which includes patients referred by mental health crisis teams, is roughly 20 times the rate of problem gambling in the community. Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, director of the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, said researchers made the discovery after screening 898 suicidal patients for gambling problems over 6 months last year. Dr Charles Livingstone, of Monash University's health science department, said the figure "appals me, but unfortunately I'm not surprised".

PartyCasino VS Virgin Casino VS Captain Cooks Casino...

PartyGaming's PartyCasino.com continues to be Australia's favorite destination for branded online games. This is partly due to Party getting the jump into Australia a couple of years ago when Mission: Impossible, Rambo and Sinatra came out, followed by Marvel heroes titles. Australia's can't currently play Virgin, but we reckon there's a secret way in, and Captain Cooks Tomb Raider and Mega Moolah remain big hits, but the captain desperately needs more new branded titles in they are to keep swimming, not drowning. Centrebet is now offering Aussie's Marvel titles, and Packers's Betfair is working on providing Australians with a online casino and poker product. PKR's strength remains 3D like poker, with sports betting recently being added to the portfolio. PartyCasino remains #1 and is heavily promoting their soccer world cup themed 'Safari Soccer', while Captain Cooks has a soccer themed streaming media promo running on their website.


PartyGaming’s Corporate Responsibility Credentials Receive Four Endorsements...

PartyGaming, the world’s leading listed online gaming company, is proud to announce that its corporate and social responsibility (CSR) credentials have been endorsed by four leading corporate, charitable and gaming industry bodies:
FTSE4Good Index, GREaT Foundation, eCOGRA and GamCare


For the sixth year in succession, PartyGaming has been certificated as a responsible operator by GamCare, a registered charity which is a leading authority on the provision of counselling, advice and practical help in addressing the social impact of gambling in the UK. Andy McLellan, Chief Executive of GamCare, said: “I am delighted to be able to renew PartyGaming’s GamCare Certification in public recognition of their longstanding commitment to player protection. Players who choose PartyGaming have the assurance from GamCare Certification that there are appropriate measures in place to help them gamble responsibly and that the right advice is there for anyone who wants to know more about staying in control.”

Martin Weigold, Group Finance Director who has executive responsibility for PartyGaming’s CSR matters, said: “These corporate responsibility endorsements are welcome recognition of our commitment to act responsibly, which remains one of the four pillars of our business strategy. Being recognised in this way is a source of genuine pride for all of PartyGaming’s 1,300 employees whose commitment to undertaking pro bono community projects in 2009 was also recognised as ‘placing the Company well ahead of its peers’ by the GoodCorporation that undertakes CSR reviews for a number of public companies around the world.”


Macau SAR is looking at “a missed opportunity” if no direct flights to Australia are launched to replace the Viva Macau operation, the head of the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) in Hong Kong, Phil Ingram advised. “Obviously people prefer to fly direct and they can’t do that now but it’s not going to stop them from coming”, Ingram says. In fact, the Austrade Senior Commissioner adds, “our biggest export to Macau is tourists. There is a surprisingly large number of Australians coming to visit.” A lot of them, he says, hear about the territory through “the Crown connection.” Crown, Australian billionaire James Packer’s company, partially owns Melco Crown Entertainment, which operates City of Dreams resort and Altira casino. But many more, Ingram believes, “come not just to gamble, but expecting to see something historical and interesting as well as Macau’s UNESCO [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] World Heritage.” Nonetheless, the Austrade executive emphasised, “we would prefer if there were a new replacement for the airline [Viva Macau].”
“You have a great international airport, so it’s a pity if it’s not used as much as it could be,” he said. The launch of a direct flight to Australia “would be beneficial for our exports too, food most of all,” Ingram acknowledged.

Last year the Macau market was worth MOP 500 million in trade and was “very important” for the Australian hospitality and tourism industry, the Austrade commissioner said. For example, he underlined, the local gaming sector is the third largest buyer of slot machines “made in Australia,” after USA and Japan.

American Academic Explains Asian Gaming And Casino Culture...

Gambling has strong traditions in the Chinese culture, and that has permeated to the surrounding counties, although to a lesser degree, said Vera Schwarcz, director of the Freeman Center for East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University.
“It hasn’t been frowned upon like in Christian cultures,” Schwarcz said. “Finding shortcuts in the dream of realizing wealth is something that’s more acceptable.” Chinese men go out to drink and gamble, and Chinese women stay home to gamble with friends, sometimes in large groups, she explained. The Chinese people believe strongly in luck, which coincides with their feelings toward fate and fortune. “It’s not like if you go out and gamble that you are a bad family man,” Schwarcz said. “If you gamble and win, it goes toward your social status of having more money.” Asia, especially China, has become the new hotspot for American casinos to drum up new business. For a long time Las Vegas casinos have sought out high rollers in Asia to fly into Nevada, Patrone said. Now casino companies build properties in the Far East, particularly Macau.

Global Gaming Asia Conference Bold Prediction...

Delegates to the Global Gaming Asia conference in Macau were told that the regions gambling market has a very good chance of overtaking that of the U.States within the next 3 to 5 years. Based on Packer's success with his City of Dreams Macau, and Steve Wynn's progress, we think the prediction will hold true.

Gambling on the island of Macau off the Chinese coast has already surpassed that of Las Vegas in terms of gaming revenue, recording record-breaking growth, delegates were told, and Singapore and other Southeast Asian nations are now building up their gambling sectors to cash in on its exploding popularity. "The growth of the market in Asia has been incredible," Frank Fahrenkopf, head of the American Gaming Association told the conference.

NRL Football State Of Origin...

Despite the Queenslanders Thrashing NSW once again, in a 34 to 6, sports betting agencies continue to bring home the bacon. The State Of Origin and various racism related incidents have overshadowed the NRL Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal, for now...

Club Sells $666K Winning Lotto Ticket: Mark Of The Beast...

The Millicent and District Community Club is celebrating after it sold one of two winning tickets in Saturday night's Cross Lotto draw. One of its customers is now set to collect $666,666 after matching all six numbers. The club's Adam Dredge say it is quite likely the winner is a local. "It's usually the same people that come in each week to get their lotteries. We do a reasonable amount each day - not hundreds of people - it might be 20 or 30 people each day at the most - but I'm not even sure what day it was sold," he said. The weekend winners join the ranks of 13 other rural players who have collected a division one prize in SA Lotteries' games this financial year. No, the winner didn't die or anything!

Pyramid Lottery Scheme Shut Down In Nothern Territory...

A pyramid scheme offering shares in lottery wins has been banned from operating in the Northern Territory, the Consumer Affairs Commissioner says. Gary Clements says the scheme, known as OzPower System and run by TSC 2000 Europe Ltd, attracts members by offering a share in wins and bonuses for signing new members. Mr Clements says pyramid selling schemes often cost members more than they bring benefits. He says the company has agreed to withdraw from the Territory to avoid court proceedings. "They will basically refuse to accept any further Northern Territory members," he said. "Any current members can withdraw from the scheme without any costs. "There is normally a cost to stop being a member from a lot of these sorts of schemes and they go into detail on their website that Northern Territory residents cannot go into the scheme."

Japan: Scandal Hits Sumo Wrestlers...

Wrestlers gambling on baseball with gangsters. As Sor Hol! The latest controversy slammed down this week when the top ranked wrestler Kotomitsuki outed himself for gambling on baseball with yakuza gangsters. The 34-year-old ozeki (the second-highest rank, below yokozuna) had little choice: after a run of winning wagers the yakuza told him that not only would he not be paid, but they desired "hush money" to keep his gambling out of the press. Didn't work that well says Media Man and Gambling911, with assist from Murdoch's News Limited and friends...Betting on all but a handful of sports is illegal in Japan, and Kotomitsuki has been suspended for at least the next tournament while a penalty is decided. Kotomitsuki is likely to be the tip of the iceberg, with a Japan Sumo Association investigation revealing that up to 65 wrestlers or coaches had admitted to gambling on baseball, golf, mahjong or cards. The police will also investigate the Kotomitsuki case because of the yakuza extortion element and the Ministry of Education and Culture, which regulates the sport, is demanding heads on a plate from the Japan Sumo Association. The controversy comes as the number of young Japanese willing to commit to the feudal and sequestered sumo lifestyle diminishes and the viewing audience is increasingly confined to the older generation. Media Man expects the PartyGaming 'Sumo' slot game to rise in popularity, with Sumo back in the mainstream news...


Ambush Marketing Stunts Gamble Planned By Australian Media And Coms Entrepreneurs...

Inspired by the now world famous Bavaria Beer ambush marketing stunt at the world cup, Perth Based Kym Illman, is interested to see if he can top it for worldwide exposure. As of this writing, ambush marketing is understood to contain elements of "grey area" on a legal front in Australia. Richard Branson's Virgin Games often refers to "grey area" in igaming and gaming regulation. Did we mention Illman once ambushed Branson! For the record Media Man has met and talked biz with both gents, albeit it on different occasions, as you might expect. Ambush marketing in Australia - expected the unexpected - Crown Casino, WWE, UFC, Bondi Beach or a combo whopper? Stay tuned to Media Man and Gambling911 as D Day approaches is the message.


World Cup Refereeing Decisions: History Shows Link Against Aussies!...

3 successive World Cup matches. 3 massive refereeing decisions. Every one against Australia. Conspiracy!!!

a. Fabio Grosso's infamous "dive" over Lucas Neill, which gave 10-man Italy a hotly disputed last-minute penalty to sink Australia's 2006 campaign.

b. The 2010 game opened with Australia's most influential player, Tim Cahill, sent off against Germany for a late but far from malicious challenge, which even the player on the receiving end, Bastian Schweinsteiger, said shouldn't have warranted a red card.

c. Australia's best man on the field, Harry Kewell, is dismissed and suspended for a match after a ball blasted from close range hit him on the upper arm on the goal line in the 1-1 draw against Ghana.

The resultant penalty meant the difference between victory and a draw. The guy has killed my World Cup," said Kewell. "He is the referee, he's the judge, jury and executioner. "Unless I detach my arm and put it somewhere else, there's no other way I can move my arm." Defender Craig Moore said: "I didn't think it was a red card and I didn't think it was a penalty." Captain Lucas Neill said: "When the ball goes 100 miles an hour at you and you're standing on the line, it's got to hit you somewhere, and it happened to hit Harry on the upper arm/shoulder."
Coach Pim Verbeek said: "It was a mistake. What can you do with your arm? You cannot cut it off. As far as I know in the rules it has to be intentional to send a player off." The Aussies are pissed that Kewell received a red card for an unintentional act while Serbian defender Nemanja Vidic got off with a yellow against Germany for a deliberate handball. "Serbia has conceded two hand-to-ball penalties," said Neill, "but this could only be interpreted as ball-to-hand." Kewell asked: "Why's is this one different?" "It's confusing because one minute they (the referees) are saying this and next minute they're saying that."
Neill said refereeing decisions usually evened out like "swings and roundabouts". Word on the streets down under is that Aussie's "smell a rat" (of the FIFA variety). A Media Man insider was heard at a cafe frequented by sports, entertainment and media types "Suspecion is one thing, proof is another. I think we know why human refs still remain and the video umpire meathod is not used. The human element is a way for rorting, rigging and the like to more easily exist in the environment... largely going undedicted". The cafe patrons largely agreed. Punters, what do you think? Tell us in the Gambling911 forums. Can't wait for Tony Clifton's submission.

Wrapt Up...

Punters er readers, there you go. One of the biggest sports betting and gaming news months in recent history.

May you enjoy good fortune with your passion, be it sports betting, slots, casino tables, poker or other. As always, know the odds, bet with your head, not over it, and have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

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*The writer has conducted b2b with PartyGaming and Virgin Enterprises Limited

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