Aussie Pokies Manufacture Aristocrat Loosing Out To Foreigners, by Greg Tingle - 16th June 2010

Australia and the Asia Pacific region is such a strong gaming market that its setting a number of worldwide trends. Globalisation has hit the Aussie sector in a big way and this can mean big wins or losses for casino whales and game makers, depending upon which side of the equation they find themselves on. Media Man. Media Man and Gambling911 play bean counter and auditor with this special report...

Aussie Pokies Manufacture Aristocrat Loosing Out To Foreigners...

Pokie maker Aristocrat is facing a possible threat to its long-held dominance of the local market, with its biggest New South Wales hotel customer considering moving to a rival machine maker.

The big cheese of listed National Leisure and Gaming, Andrew Jolliffe, said he was in talks with Aristocrat to replace 100 Aristocrat video poker machines that were just 1 year old.

Jolliffe advised he was considering returning them to Aristocrat under their lease-style system and replacing them with machines from American firms Bally or Aruze, or even local rival Len Ainsworth.

A move away by NLG to another firm won't be a good look for their former supplier... which would point to 'The Big A' Aristocrat's.

NLG are the "largest player" in New South Wales, and other pokie machine buyers are watching the situation with interest. "It could cause a ripple effect, even an avalanche", whispered a Media Man insider.

Fairfax and News Limited leaks advise Jolliffe and Aristocrat top brass Jamie Odell are negotiating in Macau at Asia's biggest gambling conference, as covered by Gambling911.

It should be noted that the new machines have enhanced graphics, games and screens with more options and features than the originals - oldies, Aristocrat's "Generation 7" pokies have not been as hot as the decade-old classic slots Queen of the Nile and Five Dragons.

NLG has in excess of 900 pokies spanning 31 New South Wales pubs and hotels. At least 90% are Aristocrat, but fortune tellers (and the well informed), are tipping a decline, but punters keep playing, despite the world's financial crisis.

Whales and potential whales...are you a trend follower or a trend maker? Australia may be a far cry from the bright lights of Las Vegas, but the land of Kangaroos and Aussie Pokies is setting trends that will continue to have worldwide repercussions. Not sure? Look up Mrs Crocodile Hunter Terri Irwin and her Crocodile A Mania or James Packer and his Crown Casino empire. These Aussie's are world beaters, and whilst not the typical Aussie battler any longer, they are key foundations of Aussie business tycoons shaking things up on a global scale, and Media Man is delighted to be closer to the action that most. Note that they all enjoy collaborations and balanced news media coverage on a global scale, be it Macau, Mandalay Bay, Canada, or our Yankee friends - Vegas, Atlantic City, Florida et al, doing their best to keep the American Dream alive. Don't bet against NLG, Terri Irwin, James Packer or the Media Man. As the late, great, Kerry Packer said famously, "I'll toss you for it"!

The Late News!...

MM Online Casino Of The Month Shortlist...

It's anyone's guess who will win the Media Man 'Online Casino Of The Month'. At the moment it could be PartyCasino.com, Virgin Casino, PKR or Captain Cooks Casino. A couple of dark horses and wild cards are also making a strong half month big for the top honors. We will keep you posted and the month draws closer to conclusion. Betfair and Centrebet are fighting it out for #1 Aussie sports betting website, and PartyPoker, World Poker Tour, PKR are on the shortlist for Online Poker Room Of The Month. Mixed reports coming in on both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, so eliminate those couple from awards this month. Insiders say casino and poker room 'rouge pit' reporters are waiting keenly for word on the worst poker and casino rooms! Think red flag to a bull or to borrow a quote from a Aussie politician, Dracula running the Blood Bank!

Friendly Reminder To Punters...

Know the odds, bet with your head, not over it, and for Christ's sake, have fun!

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming including sports betting is just one of a bakers dozen of sectors they cover.

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