Australian Crocodile Hunter: Viva Croc Vegas, by Greg Tingle - 6th June 2010

Las Vegas is set to get a massive shake up Aussie style, thanks to Australia's Team Terri Irwin. The wife of the late, great, Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, and her world class team have a vision of everyone doing the Crocodile Rock at an upcoming Croc themed show and expo on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Media Man and Gambling911 take the croc probe to the smiling crocodile situation...

An Irwin extravaganza in Las Vegas has been talked about for years, even as far back as to when the late, great, Steve Irwin was still alive. Talk coming from camp Irwin of late suggests the dream is closer to becoming a reality, which is great news for those in the United States who are not quite ready for a trip down under to visit the Irwin's Australia Zoo in Queensland.

The ambitious project doesn't come cheap... put $AUD 300 million in your jaws to chomp on.

Terri is aware of the downturn in Las Vegas, however her Crocodile A Mania may be the thing to help bring the Strip back to life, in a totally wild way. Might give Vegas wild life and famed wild lifestyles a complete new meaning.

Ms Crocodile Hunter said she was hopeful of purchasing the land site before year end and is on the lookout for investors (aren't we all ... Media Man, Gambling911, Virgin Gaming, casino entrepreneurs et al). Still, Irwin offers a unique opportunity to be part of history plugging into the Irwin legacy. Irwin remains a powerful brand and larger than life.

Some naysayers are saying Terri has bitten off more than she can chew, but not Team Media Man. A Media Man spokesperson said "Don't underestimate the power, vision and capability of Team Terri Irwin. Terri largely put Steve on the map in a global fashion, and for about a decade the Irwin path was paved with gold. If anyone can rejuvenate Vegas it would be Terri and her team, much the same as what Australia's James Packer has done in Macau. Aussie's are street smart. Look no further than 'Crocodile Dundee... ok, he's a Hollywood creation, but you get the idea. The smart money is on Terri to succeed in Las Vegas".

Terri's crocodile eyes are wide open and she's excited, yet realistic offering some words of wisdom...

"It's hard to predict how the economy is going to recover but we'd hope by next year we'd have the investors so we can look towards a date for breaking ground. But it's very much on the go-ahead and it'll be such a brilliant icon for Australia. It's going to be so much about Steve and his dreams, and his philosophy and his message. They'll be nothing jumping through a hoop of fire but they'll be incredible effects instead. Like, instead of the Crocoseum, you'll be in, like a rainforest, with waterfalls and they can make the water levels change height so the croc rises out of the water. It'll be an incredible experience without compromising the animals' needs".

Terri advised said the Croc Vegas initiative would employ roughly 900 folks, plenty o them Aussies.

Media Man thinks its part of the continued Irwin global strategy, which helps ride out the world's financial crisis. She will have teams of Aussies and Yankee's working in both Las Vegas and down under in Aussie land at the Steve Irwin Wildwife Reserve on Cape York.

Mrs Crocodile Hunter explains "Once we have the reserve protected then we'll maintain our presence in the Cape with opportunities in Las Vegas".

See's got the fighting spirit all the way, having to employ it in her battle with Cape Alumina, which intends to mine bauxite from a section of the park entitled Pisolite Hills.

"We've got dance troupes we're working in with now and . . . we won't be taking commission. We'll let all the money come back to the indigenous people. There are opportunities for temporary employment. Young people who want to give it a go . . . can go for three months and not feel alienated from their families".

Media Man and Gambling 911 encourage the loyal readership to take a closer look at the Irwin Croc Vegas project. Maybe, (casino) whales, dolphins and crocodiles do mix. Pubic G'day to James Packer, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson. Comon' fellas, don't be shy. I bet your bottom dollar Terri and the crew at Australia Zoo would love to hear from you.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a bakers dozen industries that they cover.

*Media Man is the former agent (Thank God) of Irwin nemesis 'Crocodile' Mick Pitman.

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