Australian Poker Players WSOP Update, by Greg Tingle - 14th July 2010

Readers, Aussie's are having a go in the World Series of Poker. At time of publication Shane Warne is out, as is Joe Hachem, but Jeff Fenech, former boxer, is is still alive. Media Man and Gambling911 track the Australian kangaroos hoping through the WSOP tournament...

3 time world champion boxer Jeff Fenech ("The Marrickville Mauler") has made it to day 3 in the $10,000 main event. Fenech has outlasted team mate and fellow Aussie Shane Warne, as well as the 2005 World Champion, Joe Hachem. Hachem will have a bit to write about in his weekly The Age poker column, and must be rooting on Fenech.

Fenech finished day 2 in the main event on 66,000 chips with his game play matching that of a boxer - his aggression on the table seems to have paid off and gave the spectators a good show. Fenech said "I knocked 2 people out yesterday, and they didn't get a mark on them!" His position on day 2 puts him at 659 out of the 1296 players who played that day.

Australian cricket legend, Shane Warne aka "The Spin King" has crashed out of the World Series of Poker.

The cards didn't fall his way... out after reaching day 2 of the tournament. He was pissed off Warnie Tweeted "Absolutely steaming just got knocked out of day 2, had KQ flop came K,2,5 guy checked I bet he moved all in, called he had aces, horror! Want to kick the cat as I walk into my hotel room no cat, so kicked bed, ouch got the leg, now in pain, mentally and physically!! Horror."

Aussie Joe Hachem Table Gossip On Seat 9...

Hachem's table got a buzz with an up and coming mystery man making waves.

"How many rivers are you gonna give this kid? Every time, it’s on the river," said Hachem, who later called. The player didn’t have the straight, but did have two-pair, good enough to take the pot. Hachem dropped to 25,000. That's poker. More details soon.

Aussie Millions On American TV...

Last years Aussie Millions are running on the GSN television network. Some Aussie's are getting minor coverage, but its good exposure for James Packer's Crown Casino in Melbourne, home of the Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

GSN - Saturdays at 9pm and 12am and Sundays at 12am

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Wrap Up...

Great to see the Aussie having a go in Vegas. Fenech, keep boxing mate. Warnie, easy on the cats or the RSPCA and PETA will be after you, and Hachem, get back to The Age... they need you mate... start mixing more poker, politics and legal. Let's keep the Gillard VS Abbott election match up honest. Have fun and keep it legal.

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