Australian War Hero Rolled For Pokie Winnings, by Greg Tingle - 16th July 2010

Australia's crime wave of sorts continues in and around land based clubs, casinos, pokie palace's... call 'em what you will. Not even the elderly and war heroes are safe, and even less so if its noticed they have cash on them... Media Man and Gambling911 report what you need to know, not always what you or pub owners want to hear...

An Aussie mongrel dog has pleaded guilty after knocking over a 96-year-old World War II veteran's motorised scooter and stealing his pokies winnings.

Hero Reg Dickinson was trapped under his motor scooter after he was bashed by Aaron "The Mugger" McKellar on 21st, a Melbourne Court has heard.

Mugger McKellar, a 29 year old disrespectful punk, nabbed a measly $20 AUD from our vet friend who was scootering home from a till then successful pokie outing at Werribee Plaza Tavern.

McKellar also pleaded guilty to nicking two Guide Gog collection tins in a separate matter and has a prior conviction for stealing from a church.

Media Man sniffer dogs and blood hounds Bluey and Timmy are not impressed with Muggers' low acts towards man and man's best friend....dogs aka K-9s.

The mug had been handed a suspended prison sentence only 6 freaking days before robbing the war hero.

McKellar's legal eagle Mr Michael Brugman said his client was now "ashamed" and "sorry" for robbing Mr Dickinson. Mugger, get some serious help before you find yourself a lifer (jail for life). You're almost 30 years of age son. Grow up and stop stealing from the needy. Get a friggen job or something and stay away from pokies, war heroes and charity tins. We can all stuff up, but your off the scale mate.

Mugger McKellar pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and theft, but God knows what else this kid has done that he hasn't been busted for. Crims usually have quite trail of bad deeds before being caught.

Magistrate Donna Bakos said she needed some time to consider the charges and remanded McKellar in custody to be sentenced on 9th August.

Media Man and Gambling911 will delight in keeping you, the loyal reader informed of this mongrel dog situation, as we continue to bring you uncensored news to the comfort of your own home.

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Folks, crime doesn't pay. Please play by the rules. Respect your fellow citizen and natures creatures, and do your darnest to obey laws and regulations in your applicable country or jurisdiction. Have fun, even if it means staying in the safely of your own home, and if your going to play online games, pick a trustworthy casino or gaming site. Some we recommend are PartyCasino, Virgin Casino, Captain Cooks Casino, Centrebet and Betfair, Of course, its even safer to lock yourself in the house and stay off the internet, but hey, its your choice. Aussie war veteran's, from my heart, thank you for fighting in the wars to help keep our nation strong and for the freedoms we enjoy (like writing this article for example). You have to be it to win it. All respect veterans. Peace brothers and sisters.

*The writer is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a bakers dozen of sectors they cover.

*The writer is a former proud serving member of the Australian Army Reserve and Australian Air Corps.

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