Australian Politics: 'No Bull' Turnbull To Host Anti-Filter Forum, by Greg Tingle - 4th August 2010

Australian master politician and accomplished businessman, Malcolm "No Bull" Turnbull has listened to concerned citizens: mums and dads and the business world and will host an anti-filter forum in Sydney, Australia this Saturday. Media Man and Gambling911 bring you this no bull report covering an Australian politician who listens... amazing...

Former Opposition leader and Federal member of Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull, is hosting an Internet filtering forum in Sydney this Saturday.

The panel members will include former Telstra BigPond group manager, Justin Milne, Getup! national director, Simon Sheikh, and Mr Turnbull himself!

Internet projects of Mr Turnbull helped make him a millionaire including the famed OzEmail.

"The proposed filter is a hot issue in Wentworth, with many voters expressing concerns over the Government’s plans," the Facebook events page said. "… Informed discussion among forum participants will ensure community views on the filter are heard.

The internet forum will consider adopting community resolutions to capture the views.

The event will be held on August 7 at Paddington RSL Club. Go the diggers!

"If adopted, these resolutions will be presented to Senator Steven Conroy and Prime Minister Gillard as a reminder of the community’s determination to fight the proposal," the events page outlaid.

Mr Turnbull is widely regarded as Australia's most internet savvy member of Parliament.

He was dumped by as Liberal Leader in December 2009, with his views on climate change seen to be a key factor. Mr Turnbull was replaced by Tony "The Bruiser" Abbott, however Media Man street surveys indicated many Australian's think the "No Bull" man will be a future Australian Prime Minister if he wants to be. He remains one of Australia's most respected and financially wealthy politicians and is seen as quite the 'Peoples Champion'.

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Some online poker and online casino brands are understand to have made secret Australian internet blacklist. The Gillard Government is staying on messages that its mainly about protecting children, however the vast majority of media companies and the population at large now firmly believes its more about attempting to censor the news, filter out negative political commentary (as done in China) and banning things that don't fit their political agenda. The government is trying to get Australian ISP's to agree to enforcing its laws. Overall the current government trying to control the population and this is documented on various Australian newspaper reports. The reader could be forgiven for having flashbacks to movies such as 'They Live', '1984', 'Clockwork Orange' and 'The Net'.

Malcolm "No Bull" Turnbull is the representative for Wentworth, a Liberal Party member, and many people believe is a future Australian Prime Minister. Liberal's Tony Abbott is the current leader of the Liberal party and Lib's are now favored to become the new government of Australia is a few short weeks, with political betting trends at Centrebet and elsewhere backing this up.

Mr Turnbull enjoys a colourful history with Australia's original casino and gambling tycoon, Kerry Packer, and has spoken highly of James Packer friend and associate, Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest, who spearheads GenerationOne which is focused on creating sustainable employment opportunities for thousands of Indigenous Australians. Packer has already employed hundreds and Turnbull has been encouraged, some say even inspired, by the Forrest - Packer collaboration. Packer is a resident in Turnbull's political electorate which includes Bondi Beach. Turnbull, being a team player, fully supports Tony "The Bruiser" Abbott in his quest to become the new Aussie Prime Minister. The smart money says Liberal will win the election and that this weekends Anti-Filter forum will be a rip snorter.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

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