Australian Dead After Asia Pacific Casino Party, by Greg Tingle - 13th September 2010

The Australian and Asia Pacific casino news update has a somber theme today. As we know, there are winners and losers at both land based and online casinos, however unfortunately an Australian man has suffered the ultimate loss, his life, after visiting a party at the Pacific Casino Hotel situated in the Asia Pacific's Solomon Islands. Media Man and Gambling911 continue to deliver the hard hitting news in an uncensored, unfiltered, caffeine free way... just the way you like it...

The surviving family of an Australian citizen found hanged in his Solomon Islands villa are now demanding that Aussie authorities fully investigate the death, which local police say was a suicide.

Joanne Meiners believes the death last month of her former loving husband Wolfgang, who came to Sydney in 1961 after fleeing the then Iron Curtain nation of East Germany, was actually made to look like he took his own life. As time goes by, other people are starting to side with her belief.

Mr Meiners, 69, who operated a successful fishing charter business in Honiara after relocating to the Solomon Islands 20 years ago, was found dead in his apartment on 26th August by a person identified as a former lover, who telephoned police.

Speaking from her Gold Coast home, Mrs Meiners said a copy of the autopsy sent to her by friends living in Honiara revealed Mr Meiners had suffered a blow to the right eye, what appear to be defensive type wounds to his wrists, some bruising to his legs and injuries to his genitalia.

"We have been told that the night prior, Wolfgang attended a party at the Pacific Casino Hotel held to celebrate the election of a new prime minister in the Solomon Islands," Mrs Meiners said. "Two of his friends walked him back to his hotel later that night and stated that he was paralytic but was OK when they left him there. Other people who were at the party said he appeared happy at the function and he had no injuries on his arms."

She said her former husband was a "larger-than-life character" who made headlines five years ago when he and his fishing boat crew survived 18 days at sea after their vessel broke down.

Mrs Meiners said her husband had had many affairs with other women, and was too vain to take his own life.

"It is incredibly suspicious. There was no toxicology done in the post mortem. The autopsy report on the cause of death said 'probably hanging'. It doesn't explain how he came to suffer the injuries to his crotch and the massive blood loss."

She rightly wants a complete review of the autopsy and said Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers based in the Solomon Islands should investigate the case as a matter of urgency.

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Wrap Up...

Readers... er, punters, what's your view on casino parties? Have you ever had a dangerous experience or very "close call" at a land based or online casino? Tell us in the forum.

Media Man and Gambling911 give their condolences to the Meiners Family.

When visiting a land based or online casino, poker room or sports betting entity please exercise precautions. If betting, bet with your head, not over it, and keep the experience enjoyable. Good luck.

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