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Casino News: US commercial gaming revenue sees eighth straight record-breaking quarter - May 2023

U.S. commercial gaming revenue reached a quarterly record of $16.60 billion in Q1 2023, marking the industry’s eighth straight record-breaking quarter. The quarter was highlighted by the industry’s highest-grossing month ever of $5.90 billion in March, according to the American Gaming Association.

Across the country, 18 of 35 commercial gaming markets set new revenue records for the quarter, with only Mississippi trailing its quarterly revenue from Q1 2022.

Retail gaming accounted for 75.3% of total revenue while online gaming represented its largest share ever, 24.7%.

“After two full years of successive growth post-COVID, the U.S. gaming industry has never been stronger,” said AGA President and CEO Bill Miller. “With records across every gaming vertical—from brick-and-mortar casinos to mobile gaming—American adults continue to choose gaming as one of their top entertainment options.”