Aussie Rednecks Jailed For Casino Attack On Aborigines - 28th April 2010

Australian casinos remain in the news, unfortunately sometimes for the wrong reasons.

Media Man and Gambling911 take racism and violence seriously, as loyal readers would be well aware.

A big night at the local casino, a few too many beers, and a chance encounter (so it seems), with a group of Aussie Indigenous leads to carnage and another chapter to Australia's shame.

We send our sniffer dogs, Bluey and Timmy, under the watchful eye of rabid PR guy, Miller Markson, back from special assignment in Macau, and we bring home a few bones, a bit of bacon and fried chicken on the side. It's a Aussie tale of 'Underbelly' regional Aussie style, violence, guts, and ultimately, justice! It's not 'Australia The Movie' or acclaimed film, 'Black and White'... its a reflection of current times maties.

The nasty bashing death of an Indigenous - Aboriginal fellow in 'The Alice' Alice Springs was influenced by racism, a judge has determined.

Chief Justice Brian Martin last week jailed five Aussie white men (aka Aussie Redneck Bastards) over the death, saying their actions had caused "deep and acute divisions in the community of Alice Springs".

"A life has been taken needlessly ... and leaves a legacy of grief, anger and distress," he told the Northern Territory Supreme Court in 'The Alice'.

Chief Justice Martin told the court it was a tragedy that a few seconds of "drunken, aggressive and violent behaviour" had resulted in the incarceration of five young men of "otherwise good character".

"For them, their families and friends, life also seems bleak," he said.

You want names? Introducing front and centre... Anton Kloeden, 23, Glen Swain, 24, Scott Doody, 24, Joshua Spears, 19, and Timothy Hird, 22, all hailing from central Australia, pleading guilty last week to the manslaughter of Kwementyaye Ryder.

Ryder, a 33-year-old trainee park ranger, had stopped to join a group of Aboriginal folks by the dry Todd River bed in the wee hours of 25th July last year.

The Aussie white men departed the local casino in 'The Alice' in a pack at roughly 6am when they stumbled upon the campers.

The driver, Kloeden, who wasn't drunk, drove his 4x4 along the river bed.

"You created a highly dangerous situation, and it is pure good luck that you did not injure or kill people in that camp," Chief Justice Martin said.

Kloeden also pleaded guilty to recklessly endangering life by driving extremely close to the campsite, one of their swags being ran over.

"I have no doubt that if white people had been camped in the river bed in tents, you would not have set out to harass them," Chief Justice Martin said.

The rednecks left to get more piss and a Colt 45 pistol, understood to contain blank ammunition.

The court heard Hird (not a typo), who triggered the gun towards the camp upon their return, was "being a complete galah".

The campers, fearing for their lives started running away from the five mongrels.

Ryder, also pissed, and threw a beer bottle at the 4x4 as it passed him by near the river.

The white mongrels got out of the car and chased Ryder.

"The deceased fell to the ground where Hird kicked him to the head one time, Swain kicked him twice to the head ... (and) Spears struck the deceased with a bottle," Chief Justice Martin said.

"I am satisfied that there were racial elements in the earlier events and that a tone or atmosphere was set of antagonism towards and harassment of Aboriginal persons that is likely to have influenced the later conduct of all offenders."

The courthouse heard an account that Ryder had a pre-existing aneurysm that burst, a result of the fall or the "cowardly and violent" attack.

Driver Doody, who remained in the 4x4 during the slaughter, was sentenced to four years in the slammer.

His partner in crime, Hird, Kloeden and Spears were sentenced to six years' jail with a non-parole period of four years.

Swain was sentenced to five and a half years' jail with a non-parole period of three and a half years.

No one is blaming the casino (for a nice change)... no media "beat up". It's a case of 5 young men having a big night out, things getting out of control, a chance encounter with a group of Indigenous Australians, and acts of stupidity.

Media Man and Gambling911, and the Miller - Tingle - Costigan pack, Bluey and Timmy, observe that incidents such as these are damaging to the Australian casino, hotel and resort sector and are only going to encourage more people to stay home and remain plugged into the internet. Aussie's have taken a real liking to the web and favorite destinations include PartyCasino where 'The Godfather', Goanna Gold and Cleopatra rule the house, and Captain Cooks Casino, with 'Hitman', 'Bush Telegraph' and 'Tomb Raider' enjoying strong popularity. James Packer, Aussie casino king (of Crown Casino fame), spent time with Indigenous Australians growing up on one of his late fathers cattle stations. We've leaked word to Packer and Billionaire Inc that Aussie's would like to see an 'Underbelly' and 'Ned Kelly' slot game. Russell Crowe, who attended last month's GenerationOne launch, played the recent Robin Hood movie role beautifully, and insiders are keen to see Crowe in a Ned Kelly or Indigenous themed flick. Crowe was the narrator for movie doco hit 'Bra Boys' a few years back, and touched on both indigenous and white tribes, however a Crowe 'wild card' may further help ease any existing tensions between white and black Australia, and possibly the world over.


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