Australia's Burswood Casino Getting Back To Normal Post Bouncer Attack, by Greg Tingle - 28th April 2010

Things are returning to normal at Western Australia's Burswood Casino, and for one of the security team, after a court heard of their security staff ("bouncer") put the hurt on a patron.

Media Man and Gambling911 continue to hammer home the point that we need less Aussie biffo at Australian casinos. Assaults such as this are hurting the bottom line of bricks and mortar casinos and quite likely help further boost the popularity of online casinos servicing Australian customers. It's also not a good look for the casino in question. Chalk up another one for the Australian Casino Attacks file...

A Crown Limited Burswood Casino "bouncer" caused an ejected patron excruciating pain by yanking his broken arm apparently –thinking he had a dislocated shoulder, a court was told.

The bouncer, a Mr Harry Ronnie Timoti was convicted and fined just $450 for common assault in Perth Magistrates Court over the incident that happened in July, 2008. Gambling911 understands there's been numerous, likely dozens, more assaults at the casino since then, but none of which were instigated by the staff.

Police prosecutor Morgan argued to the court that it was a serious offence that commanded a jail sentence.

"I do not accept for one minute that he could not see that this person was in pain," he emphasized.

"Security people should be able to control themselves – I am thinking he should be going to jail."

The court heard the patron became involved in a scuffle and was thrown out by casino security officers.

He was outside the casino when Mr Timoti noticed him holding his arm, which he concluded was dislocated at the shoulder.

He attempted to manoeuvre the limb into position, unknown to bouncer the patron was in agony with a broken arm.

Defence lawyer John Prior said his client was an ex-rugby football player and was familiar with injuries such as dislocated shoulders that he had popped back into place on-field, no less!

He went on to say Timoti has been employed as a bouncer at Crown Limited owned Burswood since the incident, and he would lose his job if a fine exceeded $500.

"It was a one-off and a stupid act," Mr Prior admitted.

"But he was attempting to help the man, not hurt him having done that sort of activity on the rugby field."

Timoti has been enjoying Australian life, over from New Zealand, since 2003 and most of his work had been in crowd control, including in the liquor and hospitality industry.

Mr Prior said his client had no previous convictions from working in the industry.

Gambling911 and Media Man are hopeful that lessons have been learned from this report.

No plastic handcuffs were required.

Burswood's 'Big Brother' casino, James Packer owned Crown Casino in Melbourne, will be host to the 2010 Logie Awards on Sunday 2nd May.

'Underbelly', which frequently features gambling (illegal dens in most cases), is up for a bush tucker bag full of awards.

Asher Keddie (Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities), broadcast on Network Nine is up for
the Outstanding Actress award. 'Underbelly' is also up for the Most Popular Drama award. Anna Hutchison, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities is nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award for Outstanding New Talent.

Last Word

Bouncers and security... try to leave the rough stuff to TV smash hit 'Underbelly'. Casino fans might be able to look forward to an 'Underbelly' themed online and offline slot game soon, but its just a rumor at this stage. At least PartyGaming - PartyCasino offers 'The Godfather' and Microgaming - Captain Cooks 'Hitman'. Loyal readers, no rough stuff please and keep it fun.

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