Ambush Marketing Dutch Beer Babes Charges Dropped; Aussie Marketers Rejoice, by Greg Tingle - 24th June 2010

Readers, punters, soccer nuts, media and marketing guns. Thought you had heard the last of ambush marketing aka "parasite marketing"? Think again..
Media Man and Gambling911 are pleased to report that the buxom beer babes who ambushed FIFA are essentially off the hook. This rather welcome news has further inspired a number of Aussie media, marketing and sporting identities who are starting to plan something huge down under in Australia, home of meat pies, kangaroos, Holden Cars (and NRL, AFL, Crown Casino, Star City and Bondi Beach... hint hint). Got the message? Lots of potential targets to throw ya boomerang at. Enjoy ambushing marketing 101, online, offline and everything in between...

Charges were delightfully dropped against the daily double Dutch buxom beer babes (with brains too) who had faced prosecution for allegedly taking part in an ambush marketing stunt at a World Cup soccer match. Oh My God, the crime.

They were among a bevvy of more than 30 Dutch goddess babes who attended last week's Netherlands-Denmark match at the Soccer City Stadium wearing orange mini dresses paid for by Bavaria Beer. The double trouble pair (no, not that pair of knockers er knockouts) were in danger of getting charged under an act that covers ambush marketing aka "parasite marketing", when a firm benefits from an event without paying for advertising! Sounds good hey.

FIFA, whose sponsors have exclusive rights to in-stadium marketing etc, advised some 48 hours ago it had reached a settlement with Bavaria Beer which saw all parties agreed to drop any claims and also not to make any further public comments about the case, but that of course doesn't stop the almost Wikileaks like Gambling911 and Media Man running a follow up (or 3)!

FIFA advised Bavaria now agrees to fully respect FIFA's marketing policies through the year 2022.

A press Statement by the Double Dutch beer babes, Barbara "Buxom" Castelein and Mirte "Melons" Nieuwpoort, read, "We are happy to go home and that the situation has been resolved."

Bavaria remunerated the women to come to South Africa and arranged for them to go to the Netherlands' opening match against Denmark on June 15. Insiders and smart asses reckon Bavaria "won" the encounter, with many admires googling the beer babes "nether regions", only to catch a bit more hot legs action... but they haven't stopped looking, based on stats coming to hand, pun intended.

FIFA officials noted the relatively small "Bavaria" tag on the side of the dresses, which they saw as infringing the rights of official sponsors, partners and the like, some of whom invested multi millions to advertise exclusively at World Cup venues. The dresses are understood to have been available to the public (and potential ambushers) at service stations in downtown Holland, passed "free" with a pack of their now mega famous beer.

Ambush marketing has caused complications in the past for the Bavaria outfit. Circa 2006 - World Cup in Germany, the brewery provided fans orange lederhosen which pissed off FIFA powers that be.

"Buxom" Castelein and "Melons" Nieuwpoort advised FIFA officials and police probed (no not that type of probe you dirty minded loyal readers) them for several hours after the super and successful stunt last week, until legal eagles engaged by the brewery became involved.

As Gambling911 covered last week, a number of Australian marketing and media entrepreneurs are watching this space closely are exploring ideas and potential events to ambush. Australian ambushing marketing king, Kym Illman from Messages On Hold, is keeping his cards pretty well guarded at present, but has made what one may call "strategic leaks" to some media and new media companies, thus already benefiting from some Barvaria - FIFA stunt rub off. Fairfax Media, Markson Sparks!, Harry M. Miller Group, Smart Company, Network Nine, Channel Seven, Crown Casino and Shane Warne are just a few entities that are understood to be watching out for an Aussie ambush marketing stunt follow up. It's also worth noting that long time James Packer friend, Network Nine CEO, David Gyngell has just joined the Crown Limited board of directors. Did we mention Shane Warne is also friendly with Kym Illman and James Packer... ah, what a small world. One that can help put great campaigns together we might suggest.

A Media Man spokesperson said, "We know Aussie marketing king Kym Illman has been watching this space with keen interest. Kym doesn't like to come off as second best, so when he does his next stunt down under, don't be too surprised if it has an impact comparable to the Barvaria buxom beer babes effort at the World Cup. We think the stunt or stunts are likely to happen at either Moore Park, Acer Arena, ANZ Stadium, Bondi Beach or near the Opera House or Harbour Bridge. Possibly a combination. 'Sin City' Sydney is about to become more sinful, thanks to the 'evil genius' Illman, with some help from some friends".

Read more about ambush marketing...coming soon to a casino near you, with 'Money Girl' if your very lucky.


*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a bakers dozen of sectors they cover. *Media Man is currently ramping up its ambush marketing arm, both online and offline! The company motto is "Putting Your Name Out There!"

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited.

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