Australian Casino And Gambling News: Huge Week, by Greg Tingle - 23rd June 2010

Readers, punters, media and gambling tycoons, and everyone else... yet another huge gambling, gaming and sports betting week. Of course, most of the world still has World Cup fever, and sports betting records are tipped to be broken on that front. Down under in Australia the long awaited Productivity Commission reports has finally made its way into the public domain, and its mainstream news to say the least. Media Man and Gambling911 round up the blood hounds and sniffer dogs with your latest fix on news, with just a dash of PR and ambush marketing on the side for good measure...

Crown Casino News - James Packer Gets Nine Network Australia CEO David Gyngell On The Board...

Yep, long time friend and associate of 'Our James' has shaken things up with an updated Crown Limited board of directors.

Nine Network CEO David Gyngell has been appointed as a director of Crown, as has Sydney University professor of medicine John Horvath.

Mr Packer advised that professor Horvath will chair a new formed arm...a committee of the board and we like the sound of it...the Responsible Gaming Committee. They will oversee and enhance the company’s responsible gaming programs and performance.

The two new directors certainly bring with them significant and diverse experience to the Crown board. Some knockers in the Aussie media are questioning the move, as they almost always try to find negative stories to run on Crown and the gaming and gambling sector.

Mr Packer has long enjoyed an interest (and investment) in both media and the health sector. Media Man understands that Packer's interest in the health sector may have been sparked by his late fathers involvement, which saw Kerry having his life saved several times. Kerry has encountered a number of heart attacks in his later years. The machine that is understood to help kick start the heart was later named the 'Packer Wacker', in tribute and respect to Kerry. Packer Jr and fellow entrepreneur, Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest (GenerationOne visionary), also share considerable experience in witnessing the ups and downs of health relating to Australia's indigenous community. Packer Jr did some work on a family cattle station or two in his youth and hence got a close up look at health and well being issues. This is understood to be just one of the motivating factors in seeing Packer hook up with GenerationOne, as well as commit to employing 100s, with the view to 1000s, of suitable and trained up indigenous casinos in his Crown Limited empire.

Gyngell is also health savvy, and is quite the keen surfer, sometimes spotted at Bondi Beach, where Packer also has a pad. Gyngell has not taken to Packer's love of polo, but give him time... he's a nature lover. Gyngell was a driving force is seeing Network Nine get more positive and feel good lifestyle programs and the like on his network. Network Nine is also a long time supporter of beyondblue, as far as offering fair and balanced coverage of well being, mental health and such.

Last year James Packer was a guest of honour at Victor Chang Cardiac Research fundraiser, and is understood to have been extremly generous of heart, spirit and pocketbook.

Back to the situation at hand, Crown Limited announced that Westfield’s David Lowy has resigned from the board of Crown.

For the 2009 financial year, Crown booked a $1.197 billion loss. Readers will be aware that Crown is travelling along nicely this year, with multiply upgrades, new Lear jets, happy casino whales, dolphins, fish and tuna, and positive dealings continue with the creme of the sports, gaming and entertainment world... folks like Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, and a good mix of state and federal politicians. Almost 'Casino Jack' like (but done in a legal, ethical and above board way), for a corporate if you understand. Crown's current share price is $8.030.

Australian Casinos May Get Ambush Marketing In Casino War...

Motivated by the massive exposure that the hot and sexy soccer babes aka buxom and leggy beer babes, Bavaria Beer style generated at the World Cup, Crown and Star City powers that be have been reading up on ambush marketing, impossible to miss on the internet in recent days. Of course Perth based Kym Illman and his Messages On Hold are front of mind. Sharne Warne enjoys friendships, if not business relationships, with both Illman and Packer.

Soccer has Bavaria Beer and orange coloured dresses, and could Crown or Star have Warnie and or Messages On Hold. Warne enjoys getting down to Crown several times a year, with with Gyngell now on the Crown board, expect a ramp up in media savvy activity.

Crown Casino Push On To Bankrupt Former Whale Client Gone Bad...

Crown Casino still plans to bankrupt ex casino high-roller Harry Kakavas, who failed to score victory in court last year. Kakavas, a self-proclaimed pathological gambler, was due to be issued with a bankruptcy notice late last month, after an application by Crown to the Federal Magistrates Court.

Aussie Productivity Commission: Treat Gambling Like Drinking!...

Feeling thirsty punters? Drink up, or then again, take it easy. As coverage on Gambling911 recently, the Australian Productivity Commission report into gambling reckons gambling needs to be treated somewhat like drinking alcohol. The commission found there was strong evidence that gambling had adverse health, emotional and financial impacts on many more people than those categorised as problem gamblers.

Proposal For Pokies Limits: Size Of Wagers Included...

Aussies would be able to wager only up to $1 at a time on pokies under proposals outlined in the Productivity Commission’s final report on gambling. Under the initiative, gamblers would also no longer be able to stuff $50 notes into poker machines, in order to limit losses.

Clubs and casinos did get some decent news however. The Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin said the government Did Not agree with the commission’s recommendation to "liberalise" online gaming.

The commish advised if pokies are played at "high intensity", punters can lose $1500 per hour. Of course, you can win big dollars too, if your very lucky.

"The amount of cash that players can feed into machines at any one time should be limited to $20". The current limit is up to $10,000. Spin to win, or don't. It your call grown ups. People need to take responsibily for their own thoughts and actions. Do you trust 'Big Brother' and the 'Thought Police'? Ponder than for a moment, and then think about all the crazy fines and government red tape you have every had to put up with.

Muldura Casino Proposal Continues To Move Forward Despite Detractors...

The smart money is still on Victoria town Mildura to get its' Jewel.

We ask questions of those in the know... Does the opening of a new casino necessarily mean that rates of gambling in a community increase? Professor Alan Jackson, the Director of the Problem Gambling and Treatment Centre at Melbourne University, says there is an "initial surge of participation" and problem gambling levels, but over a period of time those levels drop back as communities adapt to the higher level of opportunity available. He adds a casino is good for tourism initially but over time most places find that the bulk of business comes from the local community. There are interesting measures used in places such as Singapore to mitigate gambling harm that Australians might not find "palatable", but Jackson believes that maximising tourism and limiting harm is also possible in Australia. However, the community is right to be cautious.

Church Bible Bashers Lodge Petition Against Gaming Licences...

A church has lodged a petition with the Mildura Rural City Council opposing any more gaming licences in the municipality.

The Anglican Church's Bendigo Diocese says the 400 signatures on the petition were gathered in only 48 hours.

The petition comes as debate continues over proposals for the Jewel Casino in Mildura.

Aussie - Vietnamese Women Gambling Crime Link?...

Viet women are considerably overrepresented in Victoria's female prison population after moving into crime to repay gambling debts, says community leader of sorts Cam Nguyen.

Nguyen, founder and chief of the Australian Vietnamese Women's Association, said the women were overwhelmingly convicted of drug-related offences or crimes such as receiving stolen goods or fraud.

But she said the motivation for resorting to crime was usually to pay debts from gambling.

She said there was a pattern of women with poor English skills who were socially isolated, being drawn to the casino by its glamour. Hotel poker machines did not have the same appeal.

Mrs Nguyen said that earning up to $30,000 grand acting as a drug "mule" importing illicit drugs could be attractive to women deep in debt. She also advised many Vietnamese women who had not learned English were socially isolated. Gambling was one of their few recreational outlets.

Crown Casino has a number of effective safeguards in place to help prevent punters getting in over their head.

Australian TV - Mr Sin: The Abe Saffron Story on ABC-TV - This Thursday Punters...

Want a business model for organised crime? Look up "Mr Sin", if you haven't already.

Writer-director Hugh Piper has done with the story on the man who satisified the vices, lust, desires of many otherwise law abiding Aussies.

Setting the stadard for the Australian underworld, he amassed a multimillion-dollar fortune in cash, property, goods... you name it. Other crims tryied but useually failed in matching his success.

All the cliches come to mind...power, greed, sex and corruption. Insiders reckon Underbelly fans and anti fans will enjoy this true yarn.

Piper interviewed all sorts in his 'Mr Sin' voyage of discovery. Writers, politicians, ex-police and corrupt investigators...the lot.

His profile was larger than life, and with that came pros and cons... "named by three separate Royal Commissions as the number one Mr Big of Australian crime".

From information Media Man was able to obtain... "Abe used lawyers and accountants to set up businesses that fronted his illegal gambling, sex and liquor empire. He turned the profits from his nefarious activities into real estate which allowed him to reign as the boss of Kings Cross while maintaining the veneer of respectability".

To protect his empire Saffron corrupted or blackmailed anyone he needed. Former NSW Premier Sir Robert Askin, judges, and the like all stand out like dogs "alls. "The police commissioner is a standout", a Media Man crewman was overheard.

'Mr Sin' is understood to have got a lot of his ideas and business formual from Las Vegas... why, of course.

The late Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal would be proud (or at least be tuned in for this Thursday)!




Abe Saffron

Tim Bristow


Punters Interested To Bet On Former WWE Superstars Success In UFC And MMA World...

With news that more professional wrestlers aka "sports entertainers" (term thanks to WWE owner Vince McMahon) are set to enter the mixed martial arts world, seems sports betting fans and wrestling fans will have more more to get excited about. Enter Dave Batista, whose next?

Brock Lensar may have been the first former WWE superstar to make his considerable mark on the MMA world (via UFC) but he won't be the last. Enter Dave Batista, fresh off a scripted loss to WWE's who Media Man spys say is heading to StrikeForce...competitor of sorts to the UFC.

Gambling911 and Media Man have been scouring the planet to see who may take odds - bets on Batista's upcoming Strikeforce debut, before year end we understand. Comon' PartyGaming - PartyBets, Gamebookers, BetUS, Betfair, Centrebet, Paddy Power and SBG Global.

Public Challenge To Sports Betting Companies!...

We issue a public challenge to offer betting options on Batista and other pro wrestlers going to the mixed martial arts world!

Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Speaks On UFC (MMA) And WWE Fans...

"MMA doesn’t affect wrestling at all. I’m not saying wrestling fans don’t watch MMA, but it is two different audiences. My take on MMA is that those guys are phenomenal athletes and extraordinarily tough and committed but the people that are crazy about them got nothing going on themselves. I actually think most of the male public that is crazy for that are living vicariously for something they can never be. Wrestling is more entertainment-based. MMA is what it is, those guys are out there trying to kill each other. And the guys that are sitting at home going "Wow" could never find that within themselves on the first day of their life. When Lesnar fights, I like watching Brock… and I recognize a lot of names … you’ve got to have so much respect for what those guys put themselves through but it is a limited time frame [they've got]. It’s hard to develop a star in that business that’s going to have any longevity. In wrestling a guy that develops a name for himself can do it fifteen years."

Gambling911 fans or anti fans. Does Flair's quote piss you off, or do you like his tell it like it is attitude? Tell us in the forum, and we can't wait for Hollywood's crazed comedian nutter Tony Clifton, to offer his 2 cents worth again. Shame about what happened to the late Andy Kaufman (former inter gender pro wrestling champion of the world!!!). Trust us, Andy was not the UFC type... ask Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

'The Nature Boy' has enjoyed previous Gambling911 coverage thanks to his gambling and gaming entrepreneur exploits... namely being former NC Education Lottery front man, and the current man of the moment for the South Carolina Lottery. Woooooo! as Flair would say.

Wrap Up...

As you can see, another big week. Readers, please not, we do not intend to glamorise crime, with or without gambling and gaming. Gambling has been a part of live in most counties for hundreds of years, and in many parts, is a significant part of the culture... look no further than Australia, Las Vegas and Macau. We urge punters...er... readers to bet responsible, and to be aware of the differences between fantasy (not that type mates) and reality. Please obey laws in your state or territory, and bet responsibly and keep it fun.

Entertainment based website portals Media Man and Gambling911 are proud to have brought you this report (internet filter free... as far as we know!).

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a bakers dozen of sectors they cover. *Media Man is currently ramping up its ambush marketing arm, both online and offline! The company motto is "Putting Your Name Out There!"

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited.

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