Crown Casino Ferrari Thief Gets Jail, by Greg Tingle - 9th August 2010

Australian casino news keeps coming thick and fast. Crown Casino, the crown in the jewel of Aussie casino king James Packer, experienced a dash of The Fast And The Furious a few months back in a rare Ferrari theft incident that attracted worldwide headlines. Media Man and Gambling911 put you in the drivers seat with this Pink Panther meets Naked Gun and Heist calamity, which has finally seen the daring thief behind bars...

A Melbourne mug punter who stole a Crown Casino high roller VIP's $355,000 Ferrari from a carpark valet and took it for a spin to regional Broadmeadows in a theft described as "dumb" has been jailed for a period of 4 months.

Adam 'Racer' (Media Man tag) Ramsay, 32 years (mental age unknown), of Flemington, was passed the car keys to the Ferrari F430 Spider by a Crown parking attendant when he requested them about 1.30am on 14th May earlier this year. Well, they do say "Ask and they shall receive", and so did 'Ferrari Thief Man', now giving Crowns' 'Casino Shaft Man' a run for his money in the international headline stakes.

In brazen clown like action he drove to Broadmeadows police station parking the Spider beast nearby, to go onto report for bail thanks to a previous offence.

Leading Senior Constable Graham Andersen told Melbourne Magistrates Court that Ramsay then drove the Ferrari to a Broadmeadows service station where police spotted him refuelling the F430 at roughly 6.30am.

He advised the parking attendant aka "Virgin Valet" gave Ramsay the keys to the Ferrari even though he did not have a valet parking ticket. Woops a daisy maties.

Ramsay has now pleaded guilty to 1 count of theft of a motor vehicle.

Defence lawyer aka 'Legal Eagle' George "Don't Do It" (Media Man tag) Douglas said Ramsay had been conspicuous driving around Broadmeadows in the blood red mean machine.

"There aren't too many Ferrari's in Broadmeadows," 'Danger' Douglas said.

"It wasn't planned - it was dumb."

Douglas said Ramsay had gone to Broadmeadows police station in the car, which belonged to millionaire poker player pro Van Marcus.

Chief Magistrate Ian Gray described the offending as "bizarre" and said "someone's been far too slack in their duties at the casino".

He said Ramsay was "incredibly conspicuous" in the car.

Media Man understands casino security staff have undergone additional security training including 'Spot A Scam' and 'Spot A Thief' 101.

'Ferrari Thief Man' and 'Casino Shaft Man' are both heavily rumoured to be featured in the 'World's Dumbest Criminals' series which Australia's Network Nine has on the radar under the watchful eye of CEO David Gyngell, who now also shares a seat on the Crown Limited board of directors. Crown Casino also has a restaurant TV show in the works and its no coincidence that chef Gordon Ramsay has his Maze brand at the 'World Of Entertainment' Love your work Gyng.

Mr Gray sentenced ('Racer') Ramsay to 4 months' jail concurrent with a 35-month sentence imposed at the County Court last week for fraud-related offences.

The Late News...

Crown Casino (and Burswood Entertainment Complex in WA) budgets to further open up, partly in response to aggressive moves and counter strike by Australia's other gaming giant, Tabcorp. Crown Casino is playing its cards right with Australian government powers that be. Crown Casino security is frequently reviewed and a repeat case of a client's Ferrari been nicked has odds of about 1 in a million, so the Crown bar talk says. Crown is aware that Aussie punters would like to see an online and / or offline Kerry Packer, 'Underbelly', and Mark Webber - Red Bull themed slot game. PartyGaming NextGen Gaming and IGT online games are on the radar of Crown Limited. PartyPoker b2b online poker satellite qualifiers likely to start again circa November 2010, ready for January 2011 'Aussie Millions'. PartyGaming is tipped to give away more Aston Martin's and Maserati's following the PartyCasino 'Grand Win Auto' and PartyPoker 'Drive The Dream' promotions, but Media Man and others reckon Party should get a deal in place with Ferrari pronto.

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Wrap Up...

Readers, do you think Crown Casino should ride off the publicity and get a Ferrari themed or F1 slot game? What's your predication for the next colourful crime to happen at an Australian land based casino? Should online casinos like PartyCasino, PKR Casino and Virgin Casino once again ramp up sports car promotions in response? Was the term of the Ferrari thief fair? Tell us in the forum or jump on Twitter and see if you can create your own version of Twitter-Gate.

Background on the Ferrari case...

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Background on the Crown Casino shaft man case...

'Crown Casino Shaft Man Probed and Charged'

Readers, know the odds, bet with your head, not over it, and have fun. Drivers, start your engines. God Speed.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man http://www.mediamanint.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. They cover a dozen industry sectors including gaming.

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited

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